Xiamen launched the school training "One lesson and one" supervision model, department first

  In order to further promote the implementation of the "double minus" work, effectively prevent the risk of pre-recovered fee of the school training institution, and earnestly maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the students, and recently issued the seven departments of the Xiamen Education Bureau and issued "Xiamen City School Training Institution Pre-Aging Regulatory Measures ( Trial) "" According to reports, this is the first case in the country.

  The "Measures" stipulate that the school training institution should choose to choose a provocative deposit account within the city.

The pre-recovery fee of the hosting bank platform is taken "one lesson (item (item (item (item), a week, a week, a knot" model implementation supervision.

After confirming the completed class or service project by campus training institutions (parents), the custodial bank is settled in accordance with class costs or service project costs, and the class is transferred to the daily capital deposit account of the school-out training institution within 7 days. The Xiamen Municipal Education Bureau said that the model is accurately supervised by the pre-recovery fee of the school training institution. It enrichs the model system of the "margin, insurance" of the school training funds. It can effectively be able to close the school training institution, "lying", roll run road Waiting for the problem, effectively protect the safety of the students and parents’ unsubstated courses, prevent and resolve funding risks. The "Measures" also included the pre-recovery supervision into the daily supervision, special inspection, annual inspection and education supervision of proofreading.