"Create elegant first-class service brand build business environment" Mare seminars for business environment

  November 11, should be invited to the Guizhou Provincial Party School, a large investment Leading Group Office of the Provincial Director of Industry, Commerce Department Director, Secretary Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau Mare went Provincial Party as " ‘noble service to build brand, build first-class camp I see the environment ‘path, "the seminar.

  Cities (state) government leaders in charge of the business environment, cities (prefectures) business environment work lead department heads, division-level civil servants serving Provincial Party School training class, ethnic minority cadres training, training new township party chief after the general the three main classes of nearly 300 students who participated in the study and training. On seminars, Mare around the origin of the business environment, puzzles and challenges facing the economy of high-quality development in Guizhou, Guizhou try to pay close attention to the business environment, current situation and problems in Guizhou business environment, to create "elegant service" business environment brand, had caught six "elegant service" endeavors like telling. During Mare with its own investment business experience and many years of work experience in the use of video case, etc., in layman’s language about what is the business environment for the students, a good business environment and the business environment will damage businesses and the pros and cons of bringing government to share the pain points plugging point there is the difficulty of the province’s business environment and how to create a good "elegant service" brand, Guizhou boost the development of high quality.

  Mare said that the business environment is an important guarantee for the economic development of countries in the world through the ages, is get rid of obstacles to the economic development of a powerful weapon; introduce, cultivate, grow quality market players is the only way for high-quality Guizhou’s economic development; the business environment in Guizhou the lifeline of economic development; adhere to the goal-oriented, adhere to problem-oriented, results-oriented adhere to push forward the business environment.

  Mare stressed that Guizhou is helping to create "elegant service" brand, trying to grasp the direction of "elegant service".

Guizhou Province to the future "noble service" for the total handle, to enhance the business environment in Guizhou province construction level, help the province’s economic and social development of high quality. After the meeting, the trainees expressed their benefit, rewarding, through training to sort out the next step how to work thinking business environment. At the same time do a good job in the future major industrial investment, adhere to for your business to contract for your order for your efficiency, your rule of law, so that enterprises comfortable, at ease, peace of mind, peace of mind, efforts to improve the business environment for Guizhou contribute to the development of high quality.