Open the door, Anhui Shu City: "Chain" high-tech industry

Notebook housing structural parts for victory precision production. According to Zhang Jun by the People’s Net, as of the end of June, there were 198 industrial enterprises in the county, including 86 electronic information companies.

In 2020, the county-scale industries completed the output value of 2.75 billion yuan, including 8.2 billion yuan of electronic information companies, accounting for about 1/3. The electronic information industry has become the first industry in Shu City.

Hangzhou Town, Shucheng County is the "main battlefield" of the local development of electronic information industry, and is also a professional town of provincial industrial clusters (manufacturing). The victory is precise, and the intelligence electronics, excellent light shows, the four dragonfly supporting enterprises in the fire is located here.

"These four companies have their own director, all of their own subsequent areas.

"Speaking of the company, the deputy director of the Shu City Economic Development Zone Management Committee, the party committee of Hangzhou Town, is as long as the number of people:" Shengli is precise, "British electron is the four major suppliers of laptop shells in the envelopment industry," Still Shu City, the first listed company; the desirable lighting of the exquisite, is expected to make Shu Cheng a highland of the touch module industry. "The development of leading supporting enterprises has led to more" supporting supporting companies "to Hangzhou Investment Building.

"The present, in us, the electronic information industry has formed a gathering development situation." Baiyou said. Data show that from January to June this year, Shucheng County Electronic Information Industry completed billions of dollars, and it is expected that the year can break through 10 billion yuan. Thanks to this, in the first half of the year, the county has increased the growth rate of industrial in the county, "running".

"Hefei puts forward, during the ’14th Fiveth’ period, to create a new generation of information technology industry clusters. This is a chance of chance." Zhang Bing said, Shu City will further "cultivate internal strength" "To create a good industrial development environment, and increase" double tricks and double "efforts to introduce more quality enterprises. "Strive to 2025, our electronic information industry reached 30 billion yuan, helping the county’s industrial output value exceeded 80 billion yuan."