"Digital power" leveraging urban and rural change

New era, technological advances, particularly in-depth development of the Internet provides a new "digital power" to change the urban and rural, have played an increasingly important role in boosting wealth through hard work, service to rural development, facilitate social governance. Baoji City, Shaanxi Province Qi Mei County town of Qu Village is a joy to spend aspiring rural women, she was 10 years old to take up family responsibilities, care from the father and uncle of intellectual disability aged.

Despite the hardships of life, but she admit defeat, poverty has been dry village has become typical. "I believe that if there is a son unyielding spirit and a pair of hard-working hands, the day will be able to Zhimakaihua steadily high." Qu Xi said the flower, can not do without the help of their own poverty and pro-poor policies AgroSciences good information society of the country. Her mouth AgroSciences Information Society, is directed by the Department of Agriculture in rural Shaanxi Province, a large circle and agricultural micro-enterprises to help build the letter.

Shaanxi AgroSciences agency information agricultural policy, such as real-time weather warning villagers micro letter forwarded to the group, the first time to allow the villagers to avoid disaster losses, to grasp the rational distribution of planting, arrange information labors.

This year’s "late spring", information officer of thousands of villages in Shaanxi Province will be the first time the temperature change message is forwarded to the micro-channel hundreds of thousands of farmers, we timely prevention to avoid significant losses.

In order to reduce local farmers to plant kiwi lack of long-term planning, the herd phenomenon, supply and demand information to get through customs, Shaanxi AgroSciences club with three months when building the Information Society 7063 AgroSciences, thus the government can obtain comprehensive, valuable industrial development data, to achieve effective docking of supply and demand.

Former Puyang Qingfeng County horse Zhuang Qiaozhen Zhao village, poor infrastructure, low income people, 430 (1520) there are poor people in 88 (330), did not want to venture opportunities and platforms.

Today, Zhao village had successfully Zhaimao. Zhao village roots of poverty is how unplugged? 2016, to coincide with Qingfeng vigorously implement the "party + poverty + mushroom" industry anti-poverty project, Puyang Municipal Party Committee Organization Department led the establishment of party building cloud platform, opened a "man in the dry, in turn number Clouds considered as a" party-building wisdom the new model.

On this platform, we can offer advice, communication and information, abutting the relevant departments to provide services.

With the help platform, Zhao village successfully hatched industrial entities, erected edible fungus base. For different situations, the village brought together wisdom of public opinion, the exploration and innovation "package shed business" "bacteria hosting package" "labor service contracts" "Mutual Assistance" four kinds with lean mode, allowing villagers to participate in industrial development.

Now, in the village of Zhao mushroom base, more than 260 white plastic greenhouses in order. Walked into a greenhouse, the villagers Lu Liwei being deft handling just picked black Termitomyces comes to income, she pointed to a black car, said:. "It is not a problem to buy a" small litter, large lost …… old city, some members of the grid points facing many large, complicated things a problem at work, feeling the pressure.

However, with government enterprise micro-channel version of the booster, the situation becomes different.

In Yichang, Hubei, Hunan Yueyang, Guangzhou Baiyun District and other places, community governance introduced a micro-enterprise government version of the letter. In 2020, Yichang, Hubei will serve residents of the WeChat group established during the epidemic micro enterprises migrate to the letter, thousands of members of the grid by more than ten thousand "micro-enterprise micro letter + letter" interoperability group, the connection service 100 million people, greatly facilitate the work. This year, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Wujiang District People’s Court relying on the "wisdom of the Court" construction, promote scientific and technological innovation and integration with the political and legal work depth.

In order to achieve better communication between the judge and the parties to the case, Wujiang District People’s Court to establish "a case of a group of" working mechanism on micro enterprise letter, the parties to the case, lawyers, judges, clerks pull "Interoperability Group", so that filing after the multi-party exchanges, mediation before litigation more efficient.

In addition, the implementation of Wujiang Court also broadcast live on the Court by letter of micro enterprises, comprehensively promote the "sunshine execution."

In this regard, the Central Party School Professor Zhao Huji said that these reforms and governance performance is "digital power" manifestation of this force will be the development of a new driving force for change.