China @ 四川 | 下 "hard bones", will fight the big mountain

  Xinhua News Agency, June 11th, Sub-title: Locating "hard bones", will fight the Da Liangshan Xinhua News Agency reporter Xie Wei, Huang Yi has entered the rainy season since the second year of May, Sichuan Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture entered the rainy season. Mu Nishu, a deputy secretary of the party committee of Le’an Township, and worried about the quality of Safety housing in Luoyun Village in the construction.

"Yesterday, the cement pavement was just wiped, it was hurt by the night rain. Today, I will make it back in the morning. The quality of the project can not fall!" Liangshan is one of the deep poverty regions of "three districts three" in my country.啃 "hard bones".

Due to the difference in basic conditions, the progress of some construction projects ended in the original plan is urgently caught up.

Just like Luoyun Village, it is only 30 kilometers away from the county town, but the road pit is swallous. Some pits should be swallowed in half a wheel. The building materials must be reached more than 2 hours; the building materials are tight, difficult.

  Mummy is pulling thousands of bricks from 300 kilometers away, and the road is slippery after the rain, and the brick cars are in addition to the village, they can only carry up manpower. "The people have the most lack of people, and some towns will do 400 yuan per person.

"Mu Shi Gu said.

  Urgent, the governments at all levels at the Liangshan state issued a call for "Fire Line".

A batch of teams came to the meeting, joining the poverty alleviation. The annoying of the package is in Dechang County. After apologizing to the fishing pond, he pulled 10 brothers to Luoyou Village, took the lead as mason.

  "All architects in Dechang County responded to the call to the aid to drag the county, only more than 200 people were added only." Ji Zhikang, one of the members of the "Assisting Association", "After coming, I lost 8 pounds." Mummy is happy again, and it is a good man. It is difficult to scheduling: hundreds of people come from different places, and they will go to coordinate.

Sleep at 4 o’clock in the morning, "80" mummy is a lot of white hair, it looks like 50 years old, I have a cold, I can swallow myself, my mouth has a big bubble, the sound is long hoarse.

  When the grouting equipment enters, the assault team is arranged, and the mortar bucket is "Solitaire" as the pipeline like the pipeline and grabs the efficiency.

  As of May 30, Baixian poor security housing has built 8380 households, and the completion rate is 100%.

  In the population of the old Yoshizi Village, the top of the town, the 60-year-old Dai woman, like a young man, ran with a small bucket, and picked out the stone in the beginning of the blueberry base.

  Aihe 80-famous village folks, is a blueberry base at home, and each person can earn 80 yuan per day, in addition, there are land transfer gold and dividends.

No one is willing to sit again, everyone is rushing to rush, only one will be a while, the crumbs in the ground are picked up. "There is no crushed stone, and the land can mechanize.

"Liu Zouqing, head of the site, said that this covered 3600-acre plateau blueberry base is built by Jiangyou City, Sichuan Province, plans to the first batch of thousands of acres of blueberries to start planting.

The project has grown to 45 million yuan. After completion of the completion, the annual income of about 80 million yuan will benefit the 70 poor villages and the county, and more than 10,000 poor people. At the consumer end, the e-commerce platform is constantly brushing, and Lishui City, Zhejiang Province has also organized many companies to launch consumption poverty alleviation. The pace of the sprint of the session is getting faster and faster, and the incidence of poverty is in the forefront of the country.

A pair of hands and hard work, to deal with the final "puzzle".