Cangzhou released industrial enterprise carbon account system local standard

  Recently, the first industrial enterprise carbon account system in Zhangzhou, the "Carbon Account Carbon Emissions and Evaluation Guide" (hereinafter referred to as "Guide"). Through the transformation of traditional high-energy consumption enterprises, it is expected that Zhangzhou can reduce energy energy for billion kilograms of standard coal.

  "Cangzhou’s 10,000 yuan GDP carbon emissions is the multiplication of Zhejiang average, which is imminent." According to the relevant person in charge of the Atmosphere of the Cangzhou Ecological Environment Bureau, industrial enterprises carbon account local standards are the focus of Cangzhou Based on energy consumption and carbon emissions. The field and industry, will be released by green finance into the entry point, will further find out "home", guide industrial enterprise technology upgrade, energy efficiency, to achieve carbon peak carbon and lay the foundation. The main drafting unit of the Guide is the Cangzhou Ecological Environment Bureau, the collaboration unit is the National Network (Cangzhou) Integrated Energy Service Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Nanyang Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

The drafting team reviewed the relevant accounting approach, collecting the relevant documents and product standards in the country, provinces, municipalities, combining the theory and the development of Zhangzhou industrial development, forming a draft standard, and adjusts and modifications according to the opinions of the parties, and finally forming the content Local standard.

  The local standards of industrial enterprises will be based on the intensity of the production of carbon emissions in unit products. The intensity of carbon emission intensity of units, the intra-unit tax carbon emission intensity, from three different dimensions, carbon emission intensity labeling, "deep Green, light green, yellow, red "four-color level, and support the government, the People’s Bank of supporting differentiated industrial policies and financial policies. Relying on the carbon account, Zhangzhou has developed 30 low-carbon finance products such as "industrial reduction".

With the "Carbon Convolutionary Report", you can enjoy the maximum loans and related tax benefits for normal quota extraction factors, and the enterprise investment reduction and reduction of carbon techniques change billion yuan. It is reported that Zhangzhou specializes in the construction of carbon account construction, the lead in collecting six major carbon accounts in industrial, agriculture, energy, buildings, transportation and residents in the country, and builds a set of carbon-free data acquisition, accounting, grade evaluation and scene. Application system.

By applying a carbon account system, more than 1,400 enterprises in Zhangzhou have improved energy efficiency. High energy-consuming industry companies such as papermaking, chemicals, by installing terminal energy consumption acquisition equipment, the carbon data acquisition frequency has been shortened from the original year to 15 minutes. (Editor: Ye Bing, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.