Hebei Yuping: Qiyi Education Industry Base Project is signed in Wei

    The project background progression is introduced to the signing ceremony.

The Chinese Communist Party was speaking in the Signal Ceremony, indicating that the relevant units should attach great importance to the construction of the education industry base project, strengthen coordination, create the best environment in the project, provide the best service, and promote the results of Hengshui Education In the joint leaves of the leaves, the results of flowering, let the Pingping students enjoy the highest quality education in their hometown. At the same time, we must increase the propaganda of the project. Through the development of the people of the county through the development of the people, it is determined by the people of the county, and it is determined to make other industries to follow the flat, put it in the Pingping, and promote the various careers of the law. A new step.

  According to reports, the total investment of Educational Industry Base Project has a total investment of 5.8 billion yuan. According to the principle of overall planning and step-by-step implementation, it is expected to start construction in March 2022. September 2022 began enrollment, mainly construction contains primary school, junior high school, high school Two and supporting teachers apartments, in accordance with the principles of overall planning and step-by-step implementation, it is scheduled to be completed within three years. The construction of the education industry base will accelerate the development of the education modernization and private education in Shuping County, and strive to achieve the education of strong counties.