Draw strong army from Yan’an spirit

  In April this year, President Xi pointed out that in Shaanxi inspected that Yan’an spirit has cultivated a generation of Chinese Communists, which is a valuable spiritual wealth of our party. We must adhere to the unremitting education of Yan’an spiritual education, the cadres, to nourish the initiative, and quench the soul.

In the thirteen years of the Party Central Committee, the excellent tradition and style of the revolutionary ancestors left, and the spirit of Yan’an, which is the formation of the nature and purpose of our party, is a precious spirit of the people’s army construction and development. For the new era of strong military Xingjun, Inexhaustible spiritual motivation and strength.

  Draw the power of faith from Yan’an spirit.

Yan’an spirit first reflects the firm belief in the revolutionary ancestors on Marxism and communism. The power generated by this kind of belief, resolutely rushed to the anti-Japanese front line in the absence of a long-bomb, blood, and the power of this belief, so that more than 30,000 patriotic knowledge youth overcome difficulties, rush to Yan’an, vote from the pen, Blood sprinkle; this kind of faith produces the strength of the patriotic overseas Chinese Chen Jiageng to visit Yan’an to draw the historical conclusion of "China’s hope in Yan’an". The power of faith is finally turned into a magnificent.

Today, we learn Yan’an spirit, it is to learn from the power of faith, firmly believe in the strength of the Chinese Dream of China with firm belief.

  Summary from the spirit of Yan’an. During Yan’an, Comrade Mao Zedong clearly proposed: "Communists do not compete with personal martial arts (never fight, no longer learn Zhang Guoxuan), but to compete for the party’s rights, to compete for the people of the people.

"He is particularly emphasized:" Our principles are the party directive gun, but will not allow the gun command to party. "After the outbreak of the War of Anti-Japanese War, our party further emphasizes that" must implement the leadership of the party ", and ensure that the Red Army has become the party’s army, struggle for the party’s route and policies.

During this period, the party’s fundamental principle to the absolute leadership of the army suffered from the test and strengthened, the people’s army quickly became strong, and the mission was completed.

This historical description: The army will go with the party, the army has power; the military should develop, the key is to cast the soul.

Today, we learn Yan’an spirit, it is to strengthen the awareness of the army, and do not move through the fundamental principles and systems of the party on the absolute leadership of the army, and implement the responsibility system of the Chairman of the Military Commission to ensure that the people’s army is resolutely listening to the Party Central Committee under any circumstances. The Central Military Commission and the Chairman of the President have always been absolutely loyal, absolutely pure, absolutely reliable. Power from the Spirit of Yan’an.

During Yan’an, Comrade Mao Zedong issued the famous speech "Serving the people", solemnly eliminates the fundamental purpose of our party and the people’s army "wholeheartedly". It is the power generated by this purpose, and when the Qing Dynasty is fighting, the local people are inserted with the Northwest War Corps, and everyone is keeping the mouth; the power produced by this purpose makes the Sand Hotel Battle, Jia County People Voluntary to donate their own grain and cultivation of the donkey to donate; this purpose has made the power of the people’s army have a strong logistical support, only to recover Yan’an for more than a year.

Today, we learn Yan’an spirit, just find the password of the military fish and fish, keep in mind that "the soldiers are the victory" "The people are the real copper wall" truth, always practice the fundamental purpose of the people’s army, in the crucial moment Out, keep the nature of the people of the people.

  Draw the strength of the battle from Yan’an spirit. When the Red Army arrived in Northern Shaanxi, the strength was weak, and people were tired. They still have achieved the victory of "cutting tail battle", and the end of the tail, the end of the Northern Basius, "Who dares to cross the horse, only my heroism The hero poem of the Red Army.

Therefore, the people’s army opened the glorious record of victory and victory in Yan’an. Only the battlefield of the Northern Shaanxi, there is a series of victories such as Yulin Bridge Battle, Laoshan Battle, Town Campaign, River Defense Defense War, Sandjia Store, Wazi Street Battle.

In the anti-Japanese line, it is more enemy countless, and the battle is connected. The brilliant record of the People’s Army Yan’an period has enriched the history of our army, but also left a valuable war history for the future.

Today, we have learned Yan’an spirit, it is to focus on the fight, inheriting the fightering spirit of the enemy, dare to fight, strengthen strategic planning, consolidate the military foundation, improve military literacy, practice, and fight, to fight, play Winning is fully prepared. Draw struggle from Yan’an spirit. During the Yan’an period, our party has left the revolutionary spirit of self-reliance and hard work. US reporter Snow saw Mao Zedong wearing a patch-filled dress, Zhu De used the toothbrush made by the horsetail, and Peng Dehuai used a detail of the vest of the parachute cloth, and called the military and the people’s army of the soldiers and the people’s army called a "magic" "The team", and amazed, although the clothes are ragged, there is "Oriental Magic", flashing "Light of the State". The people’s army struggle, behind the chew bitter, is "although the nine dead is still unset", it is the heroic feelings of "being sacrificed."

After the founding of New China, Mao Zedong emphasized: "After 10,000 years, it will struggle. The Communist Party is to struggle.

"In the new era, the President of Xi pointed out:" Self-reliance, hard work is the quality of our Communists, is the foundation of our parties, and the foundation of party members and cadres.

"Today, we learn Yan’an spirit, it is to learn hard struggles, guard against arrogance, keep your progress, pioneering and enterprising, with strong army never end, struggle, never stop, let" Oriental Magic " Long-term Metades, let the "Light of Xingguo" replay the journey, struggling to take a new era of Changzun Road. (Author: National Defense University Political Academy Xi’an Campus).