Beijing Youth Daily: It is not possible to be overridden by the excessive sorcereous power of APP

Original title: Cannot be overridden by the APP, there is a recent user’s mobile phone upgrade system, and many apps that have been installed on the mobile phone through the new APP privacy record function, and visit mobile information. The phenomenon. Although the relevant departments have not rectified the APP, there is no shortage of rectification, but this industry is ugly. User often encounters APP frequent self-start, access to read mobile phone information, etc. Some apps require users to authorize when installing, and users are unable to install.

These APPs have obviously violated the legitimate rights and interests of mobile phone users. In response to the phenomenon of User information in APP, the country has issued "Information Security Technology Personal Information Security Specification" and "Network Security Practice Guide – Mobile Internet Application Basic Business Features", these are all collected, forced Personal information security issues such as authorization, excessive sorcerer have made clear provisions. Containing the excessive index phenomenon of APP, first governing from source.

Before the app is applied to the shelves, it should be monitored. Once the outstanding acquisition of user privacy behavior is found, it will not be set. In particular, the platform to provide App download should be effectively fulfilled, eliminate the problem APP, and maintain user rights.

Second, we must strict supervision and enforcement. According to the monitoring and analysis of the National Internet Emergency Center, in more than a thousand mobile apps, each application has an average application for 25 permission, the number of APPs that are unrelated to their own business accounts for more than 30%.

Solving such problems, the governance of the relevant departments cannot be limited to the relevant enterprises, or the APP list of the exposure has problems, but through legal means and targeted normalization supervision, it prompted to make changes in APPs. Furthermore, the industry needs to strengthen self-regulation. The "Network Security Law" clearly stipulates that network operators collect, use personal information, should follow legitimate, positive, necessary principles, public collection, use rules, express collection, use information, and use, and collect them Consent.

Related companies should comply with legal action.

Enterprise instructions, respecting user rights is also the responsibility of their own undertakings, and over-request users will make companies lose their failers. Finally, users should clear their rights. Download the app to pass the official channel, or download the platform through a regular mobile app. For careful "authorization", it is impaired to prevent the rights and interests.

When you find that your rights are infringed, we should pass the right to rights in time. In short, in the face of excessive index phenomena of APP, only more managed, can continue to purify the market.

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