Can the provident fund pay for a mortgage? Can you use a cash to add a spending volume?

Buy a house cannot be paid for the first payment with cash to add public volume, because the provident fund has clear restrictions that cannot be used to pay the down payment. The provident fund can only be used after the purchase of a home purchase contract, and the provident fund loan is handled, or after buying a house, extracting the provident fund is used, and it cannot be extracted as the first payment before buying a house. Can the provident fund pay a mortgage? There are three ways to pay the mortgage. There are three ways: 1, the monthly purchase of the provident fund account will be submitted from the provident fund account, and the loan will make a timely rendurial amount in time.

2. Extract the balance from the provident fund account and return some loans in advance.

After paying the loan, the loan can stop repayment for several months, and after the end of the loan period, the lender must continue to pay by monthly, which is suitable for the income situation in a certain stage, such as sick, fertility Using unemployment, etc..

3. Extract the balance of the provident fund from the housing provident fund account, and return the loan at one time. Applying for the provident fund is still loan, can be applied directly to the loan bank; or the home purchase contract, the housing provident fund card and ID card, and the housing provident fund management office shall apply for relevant procedures, and the housing provident fund management office will receive the provident fund, then deposit Repayment account.

The provident fund repayment is once a month, is it to choose what way of choosing a provident fund repayment, if it is a choice of the moonstone, then the banking system will naturally deduct the corresponding amount from the customer’s provident fund account to repay the monthly mortgage Still good. If the bank is a year, the bank will not file money from the provident fund account, but a one-time deduction of the provident fund account balance to repay the mortgage.