Harbin Note Added a diagnosed case in December 11

People’s Network Harbin December 12 (Yang Xuenan) from the Harbin Municipal Health Committee, on December 11th 0-24, Harbin has added 1 case in Harbin to confirm the diagnosis of local new crown pneumonia, in the road area, for concentration isolation During the observation, it was found that the closed-loop transferred to the Sixth Hospital for isolation treatment.

The main situation of new diagnosis cases: confirmed cases 42: diagnosis of neoguan pneumonia confirmed cases (lightweight), the exterior area of ??Honghe Community. At present, the six main urban areas in Harbin are carrying out the fifth round of nucleic acid detection, please bring the valid ID card in accordance with the time period notified by the community (village), and promptly travel to the sampling point for nucleic acid detection.

When testing, please take the initiative to show information such as "Longjiang Health Code", the whole process is standardized to wear masks, uninterrupted, not talking, not gathering, keeping more than 1 meter interval with others, listening from the on-site staff guidance, order to complete the scan code, registration , Sampling and other workflows.

During the wait for nucleic acid detection, please consciously live, not necessarily, do not gather, don’t gather, no dinner. In order to ensure the full coverage of nucleic acid detection, no omissions, continue to implement "Longjiang Health Code" to implement the "Longjiang Health Code", the "Longjiang Health Code" of the nucleic acid test will be adjusted to "yellow code" , Urge the public to complete nucleic acid detection as soon as possible, to complete the test and the result is negative, "Longjiang Health Code" will be adjusted to "green code". Please participate in the nucleic acid detection of all members of the public as required. If you fail to participate in the test, please take the initiative to check in time. (Editor: Wang Yan, Li Zhongshui) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.