Henan Yixian: Poverty Alleviation Cadre brings hope for the life of the villagers

Yan Qingza was 64 years old. After many years ago, he had a living in the husband and the end of the two sons.

In 2011, Zhang Yongwei, 28-year-old, suddenly suffered from schizophrenia, words and deeds were abnormal, and they were still self-disabled. They also attacked others. They not only can’t knead, but they have become a problem.

At this time, Yan Chizhi was found to have high blood pressure, glaucoma and other diseases, and she once lost confidence in life. In 2016, Yi Qingzhi, was identified as a poverty of the company.

With the help of the poverty argument responsible group and the village team, Yan Qingzhi enjoys a number of policies such as household income, financial poverty alleviation, and life has gradually improved. Zhang Quanfu, secretary of the party branch of Hougang Village, Zhao Deqiang, the first secretary of the village, gave the assistant Li Guoxing agreed that the key to Ji Qingzhi’s poverty is to cure Zhang Yongwei’s disease. However, Zhang Yongwei’s illness is more serious, can not be cured, no one is in the heart. Yan Qingzhi also said: There is no money at home, it may be not cured, and it will be a day after a day. The poverty alleviation cadres did not be discouraged. They invited experts to visit Zhang Yongwei, and then contacted experts from Jiaozuo City Charity Hospital for Zhang Yongwei. Zhang Quanfu also took the initiative to accompany Zhang Yongwei to Jiaozuo City treatment. After careful treatment, Zhang Yongwei has improved, but also can live self-care after discharge, but also do housework, take care of Yan Qingzhi. The son is discharged to the day, Yan Sanzhi is excited to tears.

Zhang Yongwei’s disease is ok, the poverty alleviation cadre applies to him a public welfare job and cleaning in the village.

In 2019, under the encouragement of poverty alleviation cadres, Zhang Yongwei also used leisure time to help people transport goods, which greatly improved economic income.

Through health poverty alleviation, Yan Qingzhi’s glaucoma and appendicitis have also been treated, and the body is better than one day. At the end of 2019, Yan Chizhi successfully realized the poverty. "Thanks to the poverty alleviation cadres, I have a good life. I can’t think of my son’s disease. I think that he can do it now, I think life is full!" Yan Qingzhi said to the author. (Editor: Yu Siyuan, Xu Chi).