Only when you go to the officials, you can read the "The Feelings of a Communist Party Member" -Nong Red Net

Huang Jingbo, former secretary of the Qinghai Provincial Party Committee, said to the relatives and friends who came to wish birthday at the age of 94 in 2013: I announced three things: first, I have no corruption; second, there is no back door for children and relatives and friends; Third, there have been no bullying people. This is his summary of his life, and it is the three things he is proud of his life. At the High -Gold Meeting of the Northwest Bureau in 1942, Mao Zedong wrote the awards: "Resolutely implement the party’s route to give Comrade Huang Jingbo." In 1944, the county magistrate of the Communist Party, when he was transferred to a different place, from the county town to the county, the people who spontaneously sent off along the way were endless.

They said goodbye to the county chief Yiyi, and some people burst into tears and wept. In 1985, it was the Communist. When the Secretary of the Qinghai Provincial Party Committee stepped down from the departure, from the office building to the railway station, from the provincial capital Xining to the provincial border, the crowd spontaneously sent the line, such as 40 years ago The scene of the county’s officers aggressive was reproduced.

This person is Huang Jingbo.

He was brilliant in his life, but he was bumpy, but he never forgot his original intention and maintained the political nature of a Communist Party member.

In particular, we admire that no matter how many twists and turns after, he always surpass his own sadness, completely set the personal honor and disgrace, and put it on the cause of the party and the people.

The revelation given to us in this book is: a Communist Party member and a leading cadre, in addition to the determined ideal beliefs and the spirit of serving the people wholeheartedly, should also have certain theoretical literacy and humanistic feelings. "A Communist Party’s Public Servant" income 34 articles written in Huang Jingbo.

These articles are not commemorative words written by a special person after the death, but most of them have been scattered in newspapers and periodicals in various places during his lifetime. Among the authors, there are his colleagues, subordinates, reporters, writers, painters, and workers, farmers, and temporary workers who have helped or have intersection.

These articles write Huang Jingbo from different perspectives to shape the image of a Communist Party member and a senior cadre of our party who do not forget their original intentions, to be the people, the two sleeves, and work hard. Some people commented: "I saw how the outstanding morality of the Chinese nation was fascinating from Huang Jingbo, and saw the outstanding volunteers of the Communist Party of China. It is definitely not accidental to choose the Communist Party." "This is an extraordinary ordinary A brave person, a person who is good at thinking independently, and a person who knows the most dialectical materialism. "The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China decided to start in two batches of the whole party from the top of 2019. Remember the mission "theme education. This is the theme education carried out in the entire party, and it is an important part of promoting the party’s historical mission to achieve the party’s historical mission more consciously.

This book is undoubtedly a well -educated reading book "Don’t forget the original intention and keep in mind the mission".