Increasing green and income, Shandong Jining Kaihua Ecological Paper

  Representatives of employees in the municipal department of Jining attended the tree planting. Qilu Evening News reporter Cui Changsong’s cadre and staff representatives planted green on the mountains. Qi Lu Evening News reporter Zhang Zhizhi took the fire rescue team members of Jining City Fire Detachment to participate in the tree planting activities.

 Qi Lu Evening News reporter Zhang Zhizhi took more than 2500 years ago. Confucius stared at the rushing Sihe, and sent a feeling of "the deceased is like a husband, no day and night".

At present, in Jining, the birthplace of Confucius, a three -year operation of a deserted mountain greening is in full swing.

Within three years, the city will complete 10,000 acres of deserted mountain greening.

Among them, the green area of ??the Nishan area born as the place of Confucius reached 10,000 acres. Implementing this deserted mountain greening operation, striving to achieve "deserted mountains and green public welfare increasing income", which is not only the concept of "green water and green mountains is the golden mountains and silver mountains", but also the specific development of the high -quality development of the Yellow River Basin action.

  The Qingliang Timing green started the first shot at 9 am on March 11th. In the Wulin Mountain, Nioto Mountain, and Wolongdong Mountain in the northeast of Qufu Ming’s old city, a "10,000 cadres of the Cadre Cadres Mountain Greening Activities were held. "". On the Wulin Mountain, the Qilu Evening News reporter saw that the representatives of the employees of each unit are busy planting the upper side of the pills, black pine, and yellow crickets in the digging fish scales pits. It’s fun. On the same day, more than 2,000 cadres from various departments in Jining City planted more than 20,000 saplings. In the morning, more than 850 acres of mountains, which were originally green, had already been a little new. In the future, more than a hundred deserted mountain greening points distributed in 8 counties and cities in Jining will carry out saplings planting activities one after another.

  The large green area and the huge amount of engineering are the first time in Jining.

This stems from the clear requirements of the provincial party committee on the implementation of the provincial party committee on "accelerating the greening of the deserted mountains".

The newly introduced "Three-Year Action Implementation Plan for the Three-Year Action of the Greening of Jining City (2022-2024)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") was proposed that the current green area of ??Yilinhuang Mountain in Jining City involves 8 counties and cities, 32 towns and villages, and 32 towns and villages. (Street), 294 natural villages. Among them, the green mountains of the Nishan area are green acres, and the high -speed transportation lines are available along the width of the deserted mountains.

As of the end of 2024, Jining City will fully eliminate the forests and wild mountains in the domain, build forest parks around the forest park, the scenic spots and the high speed, and the visual area on both sides of the national highway. "Big accounts and greening. To this end, Jining City formulates a detailed timetable and roadmap. Among them, the 10,000 -acre Wildshan Mountains of the Nichan area of ??the top will be fully completed at the end of 2022 to pass the national acceptance. Essence

The games of the Shuangshan people and mountains are the remaining pulses of the Taishan Mountains in Jining, which are mainly bluestone. The soil of the mountains and the difficulty of diverting the mountains is the two major problems that plague the greening of the barren mountains. "Affected by objective reasons, the mountains in the Nishan area have higher requirements for trees, and it is better to plant tree species with drought resistance and stubborn vitality." Qian Guoli, the head of the Forest Protection Team of Nishan Town, Qufu City with 24 years of forest care, told Qilu. Qilu told Qilu. Qilu told Qilu The Evening News reporter, in order to ensure the survival rate of trees, it is necessary to surround the semi -circular fish -scale tree pit according to the slope of the mountain. This is a game between people and mountains, and the steps of the greening of the mountains are unstoppable. Jining insists on "specialized greening teams, specialized water storage facilities, specialized water diversion equipment, specialized management teams, and special guarantee funds" to comprehensively improve the survival rate of seedlings. "We implement the method of‘ hospitable mountains and diversion mountains ”to ensure that the thickness of the soil in the fish scales pit of each saplings is not less than 40 cm. In order to solve the problem of irrigation, we will fight the mountain under the mountain and then build a storage pool on the top of the mountain.

Yao Dong, deputy director of Qufu City Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, said that this approach is currently promoting the greening points of various deserted mountains in the city. In terms of the choice of tree species, the preferred pine and black pine of the four seasons are the first choice of drought resistance and cold resistance. It is matched with planting -related economies of forests. As early as 2019, Qufu City had spent 100 million yuan to implement the greening project around the mountains around Nishan Holy Realm, with a green area of ??3341 acres.

On the morning of the 10th, a reporter from Qilu Evening News saw in the Yanmu Mountain area where the project belonged to the Yamura Mountain area that the orientation planted on the mountains grew up and more than rice. At the same time, there are many reservoirs on the mountain, which can be irrigated after connecting the water pipe.

"Looking at the original bald hills full of green, don’t mention it comfortably in your heart.

"Liu Ji’e, a villager in Beisangzhuang Village, who lived nearby, said with a smile, she was looking forward to more mountains can be green. Greening also enriched the people to share the green water Qingshan Zoucheng Daxi Town, Dazhai Village, and the grower Jiang Guiwang contracted the 700 acres of Changping Mountain Economic Forest. Used to plant oil -planting apricots.

"Now the cost of one acre forest is around 1,000 yuan, and the cost of one acre for a good year is about 10,000 yuan in income.

"Jiang Guiwang began to engage in economic forest planting in 2008. With the advancement of the greening work of the deserted mountains, he contracted the roads and hydropower near the forest land to be more complete, which laid a solid foundation for his future income. Respect the wishes of the masses, and comprehensively implement the methods such as "engineering afforestation+village -level greening team", "engineering afforestation+rural greening team+village forest care team", etc., to drive the village collective organizations and the masses to participate in the greening of the deserted mountains, forming greening, working, and controlling and guarding The responsibility mechanism for the integration of tube planting, enhance the awareness of management and protection, and increase the income of collective organizations and the masses. "The original mountain forests in our village were about 1,200 acres. Such a large afforestation task also provides villagers with a good opportunity to make money.

Kong Fanmin, Secretary of the Party Branch of Shuangshan Village, Fangshan Town, Qufu City, said that at present, Shuangshan Village has established a village -level afforestation and greening team. In the past two months, more than 100 people have been invested every day, and a large amount of labor has been revitalized.

  Gao Yunming, a villager in Shuangshan Village, has participated in the construction of tree pit for more than a month in Wushan. He admits that such a life is particularly solid. "I used to work in a foreign country, and I rarely went home.

After the Spring Festival, I just caught up with the spring afforestation and greening project in my hometown. I followed the forestry team in the village to go up the mountain and earn more than 100 yuan per day.

This is okay, you can earn money at your doorstep.

"According to statistics, in the past three years, 5.5 million trees need to be planted, and 630,000 people (times) are required. Since the construction of the market, the villagers around the project have participated in the total tasks of the whole land, planting, nurturing, and maintenance. 9.84 million yuan. In the next step, after the completion of the project, the later maintenance management of seedlings is managed by the local villages. Villagers will undertake the management of mountains and forests through personal contracted or village management teams. stable income.

  In the greening of the barren mountains, in the plot with good soil conditions and convenient transportation, high -quality economic forest species such as peach trees, chestnuts, and forsythia are also designed. Realize "the society is ecological and the people are affordable."

  Deepen the responsibility of deepening the forest system layer by layer to effectively implement the goals and tasks of the deserted mountain greening. Jining establishes the city and county rural responsibility linkage and departmental corporate assistance mechanism. Relying on the forest system system, the deserted mountain afforestation tasks will be implemented by small classes in small classes, and forests of the village, township, county, and municipalities have been implemented. Class implementation of the Optical Mountain Greening Liability Mechanism. Municipal and county departments, Zhiji units and state -owned enterprises implement the greenery assistance area of ??the barren mountains, assist in promoting the greening of barren mountains and coordinating and solving difficulties.

  Establish a co -award and supplementary mechanism for the province of greening and municipalities in the greenery province and the city to complete the new deserted mountain greening of the county and city. The same as provincial financial compensation standards. By incorporating the national and provincial ecological public welfare forests and local self -raising, multi -channel raising and guaranteeing normalized management and protection funds. At the same time, it is encouraged to use forestry construction in national reserve forests, carbon exchange forest construction, forestry tourism leisure and recreation services, and use government and social capital cooperation (PPP) model to attract and leverage social capital investment. Encourage mobilization to mobilize various social subjects such as departments at all levels, resident units, enterprises, and other methods of joint construction, greening name, donation of afforestation, and shareholding cooperation, and actively participate in afforestation and greening. At the same time, strengthen the construction of forestry science and technology talents and digital empowerment informatization, accelerate technical research such as afforestation, degraded forest repair, and intelligent forest fire prevention of stone desertification mountains and barren nude rocks, and promote precious tree species, excellent local tree species, and Famous economic tree species, do a good job in the research and promotion of new technologies of forestry land, accelerate the transformation and application of scientific research results, and improve the support capabilities of forestry science and technology.