Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Huang Xilian: Overseas Chinese are the backbone of promoting the friendship between China and the Philippines

[Font:] China Overseas Chinese Network Manila, May 25th. The Ambassador of the Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines in the Philippines will meet with the representatives of the Filipino Association (Zonglian), Fujian General Chamber of Commerce, and Zhangxialong Tonghai Federation. Zonglian Chairman He Liangshun, Wu Qi, Li Yaopeng, Xun Peiqiao, Luxianliang, Wu Qingquan, president of the Fujian Chamber of Commerce, Huang Shubang, chairman of Zhangxialong Tonghai Federation, and other leaders of the three communities, Chinese Embassy in the Philippines, Wang Yue Wait.

  Huang Xilian reviewed the touching deeds of the Philippine Society since the epidemic and the city’s unity.

He said that under the epidemic, the Feihua News Agency, including the three associations, overcome difficulties, unite and cooperate, and help compatriots through the difficulties, and assist in the local anti -epidemic relief, promote the cultural exchanges between the Philippines, promote the mutual learning of the Philippine Socialist Society for mutual learning and mutual learning. There are a lot of effective jobs in Jian and other aspects. I would like to take this opportunity to give you sincere respect and cordial greetings to the majority of Chinese agencies. Huang Xilian pointed out that in the past six years, the Duterte government has insisted on being friendly to China, and the results of cooperation in various fields of China and the Philippines have achieved fruitful results, especially bilateral economic and trade cooperation has increased strongly under the epidemic. Interest. The Philippine election further stated that China -Philippine Friendship has been deeply rooted in the Philippines, and China -Philippine cooperation has become an unstoppable historical trend. The majority of overseas Chinese in the Philippines played an irreplaceable role in deepening the traditional friendship between China and the Philippines and promoting cooperation between the two countries. Huang Xilian said that China -Philippine relations are in the critical period of the front and after the opening and the past.

It is believed that with the joint efforts of both parties, China -Philippine relations will definitely go to the next level, bringing more well -being to the people of the two countries. It is hoped that the majority of overseas Chinese in the Philippines will continue to care and support the development of China -Philippine relations, and make new contributions to the "one blueprint to the end of a blueprint" and promote the "acceleration of files" in promoting China -Philippine relations. The representatives of the three associations said that the development of China -Philippines relations is facing historic opportunities and the prospects are expected. The Philippine Society is willing to continue to support the friendly cooperation between China and the Philippines, actively support the work of the embassy, ??and contribute to the promotion of the unity of the Chinese News Agency and the continuous and deepening of China -Philippine relations. (Finish).