The East Japan Earthquake is about to usher in the 11th anniversary TV report.

People’s Daily Online, Tokyo, March 7th. Comprehensive Japanese media reports that on March 11 this year, the East Japan earthquake will usher in the 11th anniversary.

However, among Japan’s TV stations, only some private television stations have reported on the "Great Earthquake" in comprehensive programs or information programs this year. There are very few programs related to "Great Earthquake" NHK TV stations.

On the other hand, the Japanese government was not prepared to hold a related memorial ceremony this year.

Many people worry that once the East Japan earthquake becomes the memory of the past, the revival of the disaster area, the nuclear power plant accident, and various support will be forgotten over time. The rejuvenation of the disaster area was still concerned about March 4th to 6th. The Yomiragal News Agency conducted a public opinion survey for the country on the East Japan earthquake. During the survey, 31%of the respondents said that "whether you are interested in the revival of the disaster area", and 52%of the respondents said "have some interest". 83%.

On the other hand, 30%of the respondents said that "feel that Japanese citizens’ concern about the area of ??regions of Japanese people is becoming increasingly decreasing." The two reached 85%in total.

In the aspects of reserving food and confirmation of refuge in response to unpredictable natural disasters, 7%of the respondents said that they "made sufficient preparations", and 51%of the respondents said "how many preparations were made."

Another 41%of the respondents said "not prepared." (Compilation: Chen Jianjun) (Responsible editor: Xu Wenjin, Sun Lu).