Tianzi Lei finally understood,The space stone he got is the heart of the starry beast,That magical heart supports the life and abilities of the star beast,After losing the heart,Starry Beast no longer exists,They are also free from the trap。

While Lei Tianzi continued to observe,Black eyes,Without warning, he was swallowed by a star beast,Zhirao led him to continue searching for the space stone,Very fast this time,I found the Space Rock after only half a day。
After receiving the space stone,They really appeared in the stars again,not long time,Was swallowed by a starry beast again,that’s it,They keep being swallowed,Keep charging space stone。
A space stone is of great value,Equivalent to a low-level artifact,Although the artifact is rare,It can be refined after all,But space stones are very rare,As long as the space stone is refined,You can get a trace of the power of the law of space,The amount has accumulated to a certain extent,Even a pig,Can also understand the true meaning of the law of space,So as to make achievements in the field of space,Accomplish a career。
It can be seen how huge the use of space stones is。
The three Lei Tianzi stayed in this starry sky for three years,When they’re tired, they take a bath in the Dharma Artifact Space,Rolling sheets or something,Do something good for your physical and mental health,Whenever this time,Zhirao will be extremely unhappy,But unable to stop。
In three years,Lei Tianzi harvested more than 10,000 space stones,Who will tell him there is no treasure in the stars,Lei Tianzi must be anxious,Space Stone is a real Qibao。
After more than 10,000 starry beasts disappeared,Exposing a very vast starry sky,Qian’anli and others finally saw Lei Tianzi when they walked out of the magic weapon space one day,Both parties are overjoyed,Unexpectedly, there will be a day to meet,Cheer together,Then talk about the parting。
Lei Tianzi laughed loudly:“We have been running around in the dark,I don’t know how long I have been away,Simply exhausted,I didn’t expect to see you one day,Great great,Unbelievable。”
“See you gone,I want to catch up,But your speed is too fast,Before leaving the starship,You just left without a trace,Three years have passed,Recalling the moment of separation,Still at hand。”Qian Anli wiped away his tears and said,He owns the dead female fairy of the Meng family cultivator,The past few years have not been lonely at all,People are fatter,Shining,No longer as depressed as before。
After narrating the heartfelt feelings,Qian Anli said in surprise:“Where are those star beasts?Why is it gone?”
“I do not know,I found that my eyes lit up,And saw you。”
Qian Anli didn’t doubt that there was something tricky in it,Greet everyone to come out and meet,Then continue to explore the depths of the starry sky,Zhi Lao shouted at Lei Tianzi for being too cunning,But Liu Xiaona feels very natural,In this world of the weak and the strong,If you are too bold,Must live very short,Can only keep secrets secretly,To be despised,Reduce the risk factor。
Walked in the stars for another eight years,It has been eleven years since they left the pinnacle planet,In the long journey,Some female fairies among them even gave birth to children。
In addition to consuming a lot of bigudan along the way,Not much gain。
Qian Anli finally couldn’t bear it anymore,Perform an ancestral secret technique,After sacrificing half of his blood,Finally pointed a direction,Said intermittently:“there,There is a star field,At least four billion kilometers away。”After speaking,Fainted due to excessive blood loss。