This time it was not just Man Man who started the action,Even Xu Na led the deputy general Yan Qingyi、Zhirao launched an attack on the white hair star controlled by the Black Wind tribe。

Zhai Jun led the lieutenant fan dream、Transfer flowers,A fierce battle over the Optimus Continent occupied by the Black Wind tribe。
Another route general Fanghua led the deputy general Yan Shiyu、Galan heads towards Gu Qingxing,Expect to arrive at the destination in four years。
The wives who saw Lei Tianzi took the initiative to attack,The most murderous lotus Qiong can’t sit still,She carefully selected a large population,A rich continent,Flag satin continent,Take Zhu Kemi and the three sisters of the Hua family across the starry sky,Kill the flag satin continent。
When these troops left from Karafeng Continent, they only brought their men and horses.,Produce weapons while walking,Mainly laser guns and ghost sickles,Including Chishui Bomb,By the time I arrived at the destination, I had already had enough guns,Uncountable ammunition。
They still shout to the Black Wind Clan cultivators,Then there was a decisive battle in the stars,Using advanced weapons to launch a crazy massacre against the Black Wind tribe,Ten years,A total of about 900 billion immortal cultivators from the Black Wind tribe were killed,The captured low-level cultivators also amounted to 4 trillion,The number of immortal cultivators who rescued the Terran race reached about one trillion,This is not even the human scum that has been cleaned up,Those human cultivators who made eagle dogs for the Black Wind tribe were executed after being verified,Every cultivator of human race believes that anyone who betrays the interests of human race、The cultivators who helped the Black Wind tribe persecute their compatriots have no reason to live,therefore,Same human race,Kill those scumbags without mercy。
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Chapter Three Hundred and Fifty Eight Operation Hundred Sakura
This time,Lei Tianzi’s wife took the initiative to attack,The blow to the Black Wind tribe is huge,Especially the 900 billion new force has been eliminated,Among them are hundreds of sanctuary powerhouses,The rest are immortal cultivators from God’s Domain and Wang’s Domain,As for the black wind cultivators in the realm of true immortals, they don’t even have the qualifications to enter the starry sky。
The sanctuary powerhouses killed on the battlefield were later resurrected,Everyone was brainwashed by Lei Tianzi without exception,Plus the sanctuary powerhouse who was brainwashed before,Make up one hundred and eight,Tianzi Lei called these people“Heaven and Earth”,Separate into a team,As a special combat organization with flexibility。
Tianzi Lei later named the sergeant operation that took the initiative“Operation Hundred Sakura”,Occupied the flag satin continent、Gu Qingxing、Spin continent、Yinfeng Continent、Five spaces including Optimus Continental,These five places form six fulcrums with the Karafeng continent.,Can play a role of echoing support in the military,Economically,The role of learning from each other,Very beneficial to Team Thunder,They also have the skills to build a teleportation array,It only takes a few minutes to pass through the teleportation array,Tens of billions of troops come and go freely,Site increased,But still strong military,Did not consume the military force because of the division of troops。
Because of the birth of ghost sickle and laser gun,Emperor Lei decided not to recruit ordinary sergeants,So the number of Thunder Team didn’t increase much,Only some lustful sergeants married a lot of freed human female fairies,Because the human race has just been liberated,Full of affection for Team Thunder,The price for a man to marry a fairy is not high,And many excellent female fairies are willing to marry the sergeant of Thunder Sky team,Each of these men is a hero of the human race,At a glance, I feel lucky with Team Thunder。
later,Lei Tianzi discovered,The mentality of the rescued human race is not too good,They have experienced the fate of being enslaved, suppressed and slaughtered for a long time,Lost blood in the bone,Many people have hollowed out their minds to join the Thunder Team,And the inner thought is just to have a safe and reliable environment with Thunder Team。
Such thoughts are also natural,But Lei Tianzi was very disgusted with the methods they used,In Lei Tianzi’s view,The relationship between people is equal,Want to get something of equal or similar value,I want to use the small gains,Have to pay the price,Reluctant or do not have such a high price and want to get rich returns,It’s a foolish dream,Emperor Lei didn’t want to be a savior,He called the behavior of the rescued human races collectively“servility”,It means you have a sense of security when you are enslaved。
This is an unhealthy thought,In the long run, it will be transmitted to the iron-blooded and bold Thunder Sky sergeant,So Lei Tianzi ordered:“Sergeants of the Thunder Team are not allowed to have private contact with local Terran cultivators,In addition to official business,Can’t meet in private,Violators shall be dealt with in accordance with military law。”
After this order is issued,Many sergeants want to find a young and beautiful human fairy,The sergeant who married the fairy first took advantage,Then there was no such opportunity。