Skyrim,A phoenix sounded。
Canary slowly raised its head,Look towards the top of the mountain and the sky。
A colorful rainbow bridge is being erected there,The sun shines from the sky,There are magpies whistling on the bridge,At the same time there is a fire phoenix perching on the parasol tree。
“This……This is the real Tao Palace?for……Why is it different from what I saw?”Canary’s cherry lips open,The eyes are full of surprise and shock。
“What is the Tao Palace that Junior Sister saw?”Yan Ruyu asked。
“A lone mountain,A lone rock。”Canary replied。
“Ok,Yes,Now there is a colorful rainbow bridge on the lone mountain,So what’s on the lone rock?”Yan Ruyu tells according to the words of Mengyunzi’s old way of guiding him。
“Solitary stone?I can’t see the lone rock anymore。”Canary shook her head。
“What can Junior Sister see?”Yan Ruyu nodded,When he saw the top of the mountain,Mengyunzi is about to die of excitement,Call him a genius once in a thousand years,Canary can’t see the top of the mountain now,Naturally normal。
“I can see a cloud。”Canary watching everything in the mountain gate,Replied。
Clouds?Yan Ruyu surprised,There are obviously stone steps in front of him,Why does the canary only say that what she sees is a cloud。
its not right?
Yan Ruyu asked again in doubt:“What did the younger sister see in the clouds?”
“I see the clouds are changing,Ever-changing,but,Every change seems to originate from a point,It seems to be……It seems to be……Brother,Brother Shanren, I……I seem to realize!!!”Canary suddenly woke up。
“You got it?”Yan Ruyu looked dumbfounded:“Junior sister,What did you realize?”
“I understand what Brother wants me to see,I realized how to get started……”The canary suddenly yelled with excitement。