Si Nansui and others didn’t know the power of Zhirao,They always think that Zhirao is a pet dog,I know now that I was so wrong,This puppy is terrible,Even more powerful than Zuo Yan who kills like cutting vegetables。

This is the speed and horror of the eighth stage demon Xiu Zhirao,It just has to shoot,There’s nothing like Lei Tianzi。
Triumphantly,Everyone cheered suddenly,Lei Tianzi first checked the location of the pubic area of the dead demon repair,Use the tip of the spear to open the demon repair’s hard leather shell,Reach out and take out a fist size,Still unleashing Guanghua’s round objects,Qiao Huiru came over curiously,Asked:“This is the demon pill?”
“Right,This is the energetic demon pill,To activate the altar in Tianshan, you need to use demon pills,This thing is as useful as Shenjing and Lingdan,It can also be used as currency to trade with other immortals,Generally speaking,A demon pill is worth a million god crystals。”
Qiao Huiru knows that Emperor Lei has many crystals in his hands,Said:“Can’t we pay for the demon pill??”
“The issue is,There are very few monsters in the Suo Dan period on Penglai,The cultivators of Junwu Temple besieged Zhirao,Mostly to obtain the demon pill。”
You can find the Demon Cultivation of the Suodan Period inside the comet,It shows that the planet here is very high,At least higher than Penglai mainland。
Lei Tianzi took out a big-belly shaped porcelain bottle and filled the red demon pill,Added layers of seals,Only then put it into the empty space。
Life is thriving on a strange planet,From time to time there are animals running in panic,As long as they don’t attack them,Lei Tianzi and others are too lazy to hunt those creatures,Most of the people who run away because of seeing people are herbivores,Not threatening to people,Only carnivores are interested in humans。
Xiaolan is better at living,As long as we see weird trees, they will be dug out and put into the space of the artifact,Keep planting,As a landscape appreciation,The cultivator digs trees fast,The ultimate artifact is inserted into the soil,Raise your arms,A giant tree with a height of 30 meters will be removed along with the soil。
Lei Tianzi shook his head and said:“It’s not that spiritual plants cannot survive for too long,I’ll die after a few years,There is a fruit tree in front,You go dig it out,That kind of thing is better。”
There is a creeping demon watcher under the spirit fruit tree,Similar to snakes,Crawling with two feet,Roaring warning sounds at the immortals who suddenly broke into the territory。
Taikong alone step forward,The huge machete in his hand raised,Chop it down,Demon repair is also unambiguous,Sacrifice a black wooden stick against the machete,Two weapons collide,Make a loud impact,Taikong Du’s machete bounced off,An Liang next to him let out an angry roar,Immediately assist,He has reached a solid foundation,Fighting power is not under Taikong alone。
Two human immortal cultivators and a demon cultivator rolled over and started fighting,Because the demon cultivation is also the cultivation base of the solid foundation period,Zuo Yan and Zhi Rao didn’t make a move,But standing by and watching,They are not interested in the solid foundation battle,Strength is too weak,Not enough power to crush with a finger。