She must be afraid of me going home now!

“I won’t go home,Is it important?”I asked coldly。
Zhou Rui’s tone suddenly changed,“What are you doing,Call me in the middle of the night,You didn’t just quarrel with me!”
“No。”I said coldly,“where are you?”
“My dad is sick,I’m back home。”Zhou Yao said,“At the hospital now。”
in hospital?
I feel surprised。
Her dad is that kind of body,The kind of people who eat well,Lean body,Sixty year old,No problem with heavy work。
How could I suddenly get sick?。
“How is it going?”I asked。
“Sudden syncope,I arrived just after nine o’clock in the evening,The doctor said his condition is stable now,Wait until tomorrow。”Zhou Rui said,Yawned。
Tell the truth,Her yawn,Very natural。
Makes me think she can’t tell lies。
because,People are nervous,Or when doing bad things,It is absolutely impossible to yawn so naturally。
I want to know if his father is really sick,Also very simple,Wait a visit to their house,It’s clear to ask。