Chapter Fifty Nine Purple Qi Practicing

Lei Tianzi checked the empty space of the strong man in the lock period,Found a strange cage,This cage is about the same size as the cage for old Chinese folks to raise birds,The shape also has the same,But the material of the cage is not bamboo,But an unnamed material,The entire cage is also a closed whole without gaps。
Regardless of Lei Tianzi’s divine consciousness、Dripping blood、Ways to transport mana, etc.,Can’t open this cage。
As for the other relics of the strong people in the lock period, they are just spirit crystals.、Shenjing、Various materials、Artifacts and so on,Nothing too special。
After trying dozens of methods,Tianzi Lei suddenly thought that the deceased was in the realm of the Suo Dan stage,Let Zuo Yan convey aura to the cage,Sure enough,This kind of thing is specially used for strong people in the lock period。
After the cage was controlled by Zuo Yan,Immediately became a flat miniature shark shape,Not more than the size of a human arm,Tianzi Lei recognized,Said:“This is starship。”
Su Tingwen asked wonderingly:“What is a starship?”
“Is a vehicle that can walk in the same star field,For example,You plan to travel in the galaxy,You can get on the road with this starship,But crossing the star field is not yet possible。”Lei Tianzi briefly explained。
“is it?how much is it?”Su Tingwen is like his father Su Qingmu,I like to use the price to measure the positioning of a magic weapon。
“Probably around 5 billion Shenjing!”
“Not too expensive。”Su Tingwen uses a solid foundation pill worth one billion crystals to measure,He knows that it takes only about two hours for Lei Tianzi to refine a furnace of solid foundation pill,Use time to compare,Five billion crystals are indeed not too expensive,but,The Su family and his son seem to have less than one million spiritual crystals,A hundred thousand times away from a billion crystals。
Although the beggar organization is running around like a beggar,The hardest thing is just the low-level people like Zhi Wu,Strong net worth,You can guess from the popularity of these people in White Wolf State City,Kill the master of Suodan stage this time,There are hundreds of billions of crystals alone,There are countless other artifacts and various materials。
What surprised Lei Tianzi,Su Qingmu, who had benefited in World War I, actually suggested:“Mr. Lei,Why don’t we choose a dangerous place to set up an ambush,How about robbing local tyrants?”
It seems that the elder of Penglai Gate is very ambitious to be a robber,Lei Tianzi shook his head and said:“Cultivators are all flying around,The dangerous terrain doesn’t make any sense,Your idea is not desirable,Besides, we are not familiar with the sphere of influence of Penglai mainland,Sometimes the information bought is not allowed,Robbing locals is too dangerous,Not worthwhile。”
“What do you say?”Su Qingmu is eager to get money,Has reached the point of rushing to the hospital。
Look up at the sky,Thinking for a long time,Lei Tianzi said:“Let’s pretend to be a begging organization,Rely on begging all the way,Anyway, there are three more experienced beggars。”
“Begging?”Su Qingmu suddenly turned black,I feel awkward in my heart。
“If you don’t want to,Just watch!”Emperor Lei didn’t force it。