After the phone rang twice,Then hung up。

I can’t help but be surprised,Even if it is convenient for her,Should also answer the phone。
Is there something going on??
I got off the car,Standing on the road teeth,Look at the green belt beside。
suddenly,Not far away there is a dark mass,Shocked me。
I three steps and two steps,Walked over。
Pick it up and have a look,It is Yao Yun’s black coat。
Chapter Thirty Eight Save beauty
I picked up the clothes,Scared to death!
Then took out the phone,Dialed again。
I seem to hear a melodious cell phone ringing。
but,Far away,Can’t tell where it is。
“Yao Yun!”I shouted,“Yao Yun,Where are you?”
I yelled,While jumping over low green plants,Go deeper。
Through a sparse forest belt,Farther away is a secluded lake。
“what。”A scream。
Suddenly,My heart lifted up,Ran over there quickly。
“do not touch me,please。”
It’s Yao Yun’s voice。