The result did not see the special agent in Bailemen.,But I found that Ma Yunfei in the No. 5 Agent Group and He Jian are drinking in the corner.,The dancer is a young man who is looking with a flower bonus in dancing.。

Tang Rui and Tan Lin were not intended to take them in the implementation of the task.,When you strolling a circle is preparing to leave,I heard a riot in the field.,As a result, it was found that Ma Yunfei played the flower bonus with high-cold dance.。
Tan Lin couldn’t help but frown,Because this special period is a special agent, it can be born in such an occasion.,Is this not looking for death?。
But refactors think,Ma Yufei,He Jian is also a very old intelligence person,They are absolutely impossible to make such a low-level mistake,That is why it makes them so,Who is this flowers?。
Just when two people pondered,Wine Yi Yuxi patted his hand and said to the court:“Ma Yunfei!Alpine!He Ji!I finally found you.!”
“Oy!Mei Huizi!I miss.!”Ma Yunfei said that Zhang opened his arms and went to hold Jingmei Huizi.,
Wine Yi Yibei did not move,Ma Yunfei did not hug,Because he has seen the right hand holding the gun is facing his chest.。
Ma Yunfei is still a hippie smile:“It’s all old friends.,What is Mei Hui?。”
NS767chapter Grandson of Duqiao
Wine Yi Yuxi will not think that there is such an unexpected harvest today.,Actually grabbed the people of the Five Specialist Group,You must know that they have a close relationship with the Jellyfish murder group.。
The guns of the wine wellmei Hui sang 晃 道 道:“Ma Yunfei,Less than me!Now I am old and realistic.,Otherwise I will kill you now.!”
“Mei Huizi,This is your bad,We have not met so long.,I have seen the face, I should narrate.,This shot is more hurting,Come first to drink a cup,I have a very important thing to talk to you.。”Ma Yunfei is still the same as before,
“Less to me,Man!Grab them!”Wine Yiyi, I dare not,The gun in your hand is always facing Ma Yunfei.,Her hand is also a gun to aim a high cold and He Jian。
“Miss Huizi,This is not enough for friends.,Since we are not polite,bring it on!”Talking about Ma Yunfei。
Wine Well, Yibei, I saw the waist of Ma Yunfei helped explosives.,He Jian is also the same,The two are all exhausted。
The flower bonus lying on the ground was bleeding in the mouth of the mouth.,But I saw this scene and scared, I wanted to get up and run.,But by the cold and stepped on the ground。
Wine Yi Yizi knows that Ma Yunfei can do it out,So I laughed:“Isn’t it necessary to drink a cup?,bring it on!I invite you to drink.。”
Wine Yi Yibei has been looking at a table to sit down,Seeing the explosives to eat melon people all running out of the door,Tang Rui and Tan Lin two people are still waiting quietly.,They also want to know where the Five Agent Group is singing.。
The cold and one feet poured the flower bonard before the seat.,After she sat down, she still used his feet to lying on the ground.,The palm of the hand is always facing the backbran head of the flower bonard.。
Ma Yunfei sat down,Wine Yi Yibei took the gun and sat down,She saw the people under the foot.:“who is this?”
“Ha ha,I guess Miss Yuxi, I don’t know who he is.,If you don’t pull the gun?。”Ma Yunfei laughs,
“Oh?So, I should know him.!”Wine Yi Yuxi suddenly felt nothing,Is this a child’s child?!
“You should know him,Not as good as you ask him?,It is best to ask。”
“He is a Japanese?”Wine Yihui listened to a surprise,
Ma Yunfei has a red wine with He Jian,High-precipitation is still with feet,The palm of your hand looks at the last time you have the last time.。
“Hey!Who are you?”Wine Yihui use Japanese asked,
“help me!Save me quickly,I am a grandchildren, a grandson, a grandson, a grandson, a leader of the army of the Daiqiao.!”
“Ni!You are the grandson of the Chief of STA!Why are you here??”Wine Yi Yuxi immediately asked,
“I am coming to see Miss Shankou.!”
“Who is the Shankou Shu??”Wine Yihui asked,
“She is in Bailemen is Chinese name Li Xianglan.!”Tuqiao Zhengtaang cried,
“Li Xianglan?Is that woman who just singed??”Wine Yuxi is in Nanjing during this time.,The sect of the sect of these songs and dance halls in Shanghai is not very understanding.。
“Yes,It’s her.,Save me quickly!”
When I don’t know why Ma Yunfei, I am afraid.,Ask:“What is your purpose??”
“I immediately put Ouyang Jianping and Li Bozhi!Otherwise, this Soil Bridge is willing to die.,Also include you and your hand。”Ma Yunfei suddenly became,