Still a step and one step!

Like a generation of emperors to the world,This person is Hualian Shu Moon,Shangguan Yue, carrying hands,Peerless,When the two portraits, many people were shocked.。
“What a nice view!”
“So beautiful,This woman has only。”
“Shangguan Yue?Is this not the leader of the world??”
“No who she is,this20A woman who has made Zeasi four foreign youth Tianzhizhi arrogant。”
“Disappeared for so long,Finally appeared。”
“That person is?Is it a seniority of the Miao!”
“Willow,Women who have respectful in Tang family’s master tone,Who can?Who else has anyone else?,Rumor, the year of Long Taihuang,Tang no trace is pursuing her。”
“My day,These two women appear at the same time,It’s just that Shangguan Yuxian is not suitable for hanging from Huaxia.。”
“Who knows?,But it is still possible under deterrence.,What is the relationship between this person??Even her also came out。”
“Look, let’s talk about it.,What is amazing today?。”
“Shangguan Yue!”Long Taihuang face is cold and looking at these two tracks:“Miao family,Why are you coming?”
NS545chapter Grace grievance
“Of course, for some people of Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.。”The fascinating laugh is。
“Do you have to break??”Bei Shenlong’s figure gave up and gloomy looked at the demon。
“Miao vowes naturally will not break!”Xiaoyi Xiaoyu looked at Bubei Dragon Road:“I am here just telling you something.,Beijia has a Bei Xueyin,She has half of my Miao.?This you admit it.?”
“This nature。”Belle dragon faint。
“Since she has half of my Miao?,She is eligible to swear the nine demons,Yes, not?”Xiaoyi, a little, once again smiled。
“certainly,This is her right。”Belle dragon faint:“What do you have, even。”
“it is good!”The demon 小 小 姨 闻 言 着:“Becai Xueyin nine devils,Since then, there is no Belle, and this person is.,And she is a woman of my Miao.,So you don’t have to be difficult for her.。”The demon of the demon is coming to the side of Bei Xueyin.。
“Little sister!”Bei Xue Yin’s hand。
“what?What did you say?”Bei Shenlong is cold,Face is gloomy,The horrible breath rises from his body。
“You are questioning my words?”Emoy Ji Xiaoyang color,A horrible breath is straight,Directly resolve the peace of the Sheon Dragon。
“Brother,Is it lie with her Miao??You are a joke.。”Tang no trace smiled and walked up:“I believe in her words.。”
“But in order to make up for the loss of Babe,Coupled with her and the Becue,Her inherited the name of Bei Xue Yin,But your paper marriage is not getting effective.,If you fulfill the marriage,Go to find real Bei Xueyin。”Emoy Ji Xiao Xiaoying:“Her body is in the nine magic.!”
“you,you……You are a strong word!”Bei Shenlong ignorant,He looked at this beautiful woman, didn’t know how to deal with it.,Can’t play,Amounts you can’t find excuses。
Everyone looked at this scene,A while,This Miao’s family is too long.,Ghost?But no one takes the attention to question,Verify this matter。
“Small mighty!”Lin Feng had to thumbs up,In this way。
“it is good,it is good,it is good!”Long Taihuang heard the face and couldn’t help but angry:“Your Miao is insisted to break the oath of the original.?”
“Brother,Is her explanation not very clear??Now this goddess is the old man.,She is only the long phase and the Bei Xue Yin,Coupled with the name and Besi girls。”Tang no trace smiles:“You don’t believe you can go to the nine 九 魔!”
“it is good,it is good,it is good!”Bei Shenlong wondered:“Her things I can not pursue,The world is listening,Benin is forever being expelled,Since then, it is not the people of Beijing Beijia.。”
Ben Ningde。
“I am not your home.,You are Zhongzhou Beijia。”Bei Shenlong carrier double hand:“You don’t have to say more,Your pulse is a life to see your creation.。”
Benin is just talking,But I was smashed by Liu Wei.,Beninde looks down and calm down:“Since this,Thani Baye’s home is full!”
Ben Ningde, the voice between Ben Ning.,skeleton,Meridiatric fragment sounded,Benin’s airflow has emerged,His skill gradually disappears。
Beihai’s figure has also gone,He can’t help but look low,Bones,Meridians start fragmentation,Painful"shen y",He is full of airflow,The strength of the body gradually dissipates,The father and son played the suffering of the people in the face of the world.。
Bubei Shenlong looked at this scene。