The sword is growing old and the sword bamboo grows old.,The two people hurriedly went up.,Come to the area of the genoves in the mulming,The two are long and old stepped on the ground.。

No sound and signs,The fire dragon is dissipated in the void。
“This sword is a tribute to be a truth。”Lin Feng looked at this scene muttered,Antissolution,The launching method is fully open,This will make anyone can’t prepare it.。
The two portions came out from the inside.,These two are Lin Fenghe Sakura。
“A gasification three clear!”
Sword bamboo elders and swords, old old, two faces are ugly,They suddenly knew that Lin Feng had already paid to them.,Or already do your hands and feet。
A picture directly into a gas stream into Lin Feng’s body,Lin Feng reached out, grab the crystal fire of the blood of the Phoenix,Suddenly this crystal fire red object falls into Lin Feng’s hands from the void.。
The sword is long and the sword bamboo growers old, the heart is squatting。
This is the fundamental of Liu Sheng family for thousands of years.,Just like Lin Feng once again。
“Hold。”Lin Feng smiled and handed this crystal fire red object to Sakawa Luo Sakura.,Sichuan Luo Sakura laughed and took this crystal fire red object。
“Two old age,You say how I deal with you.?”Lin Feng smiled and went up.。
“Forest president,you know too,You are repaired,List of the first seizhouse four,We just want to give you a joke.。”Sword water, old, laughing。
“Yes,Forest president,You do not want……Give us these small people generally see。”Jianzhu is trembled with the voice。
“I also make a joke with you.,You can take my knife,Let’s know what things.。”Lin Feng smiled and took out the magic soul knife,A horrible knife is rising。
The sword is old and the sword bamboo growers old and hurried to stand on the ground.。
“Forest president,We are wrong.。”
“Forest president,Raising us。”
“We are willing to be loyal to you,When you!”
“Forest president,Let us bite who we bite who?!”The sword is long and the sword bamboo growers, the old two people are squatting on the ground.,beg for mercy。
“Brother-in-law,Don’t kill them first。”Sichuan Luo Sakura laughed:“In addition to the blood of Phoenix,They still have a good thing。”
Lin Feng heard the words,There is also something better than the blood of the phoenix.?When I am sharp, my eyes are sharp, and the old and the sword bamboo growers.。
“Forest president,We have a better thing.。”Sword water, old, respectful。
“good,We have better things!”Jianzhu long old look respectfully:“As long as you put our life road,What we are giving you something,Correct,What is giving you!”
“it is good!”
Lin Feng looked at this scene laughing:“Then look at what you have made, what makes me a hearty thing.。”
“I will give the forest president satisfied。”Sword water, old, respectful。
“Your sword bamboo is old,Sword water is old。”Lin Feng looked at the sword。
The sword is old and the Jianzhu long old couple respects the road。
When the spring of the sword is growing, the movement of the slide is going to the shore of the magma sea.,He bent over,A true and big manifestation,And then extend into the magma,哗,A huge red iron chain caught out from the marga sea。
This iron chain is a fire。
“Black water!”Lin Feng stared at this iron chain surprised,But I can’t think of this is black water.,Although this black water is full of red.,But he still feels the breath of this black water。
Huge black water-iron iron chain is like a hug。
The sword is long, the black water, the shore, the shore,Many black water-iron iron chains quickly stacked on the shore,Lin Feng perspective,I don’t help to the depths of this magma,But the depth of this magma has a piece of,Can’t see。
I only heard the rumored iron chain sound.。