Liao Jie shoud:“I see them four shoulder fires.,Tibetan in your chest,How much is it too bad to have a policeman with me?,This should be some good woman,The falling dust is a pity for money.。”

“People all have a message”
Quietly touch the head:“Well thinking,Dust women have this,The world is still worth it。”
“A bit。”
Liao Jie walked toward the corridor:“Static,I remember you and I said.,The underground layer is the most beautiful place in the whole building.,This situation this scene,The position of the ghost door is definitely there。”
“how do you want to do it?”
“All the way,Seal the ghost door,So novislessly ran out。”
“Ager,You want to be clear,These yin ghosts have been launched,Yes is a life,Have no sinful responsibility,It can be written in the list.,You and I have no eligibility to dispose of them。”
Quiet round words to persuade:“Still let me come.,I have broken the rules of the middle.,Debt,Never because it doesn’t matter。”
“I do not believe。”
Liao Jie shook his head:“The order in the middle of the middle,Here is the Yang,If I let go, I don’t care.,Let you lead,And help what is the difference between abuse??”
“well said。”
Static circle,at the very beginning,He is also confused for a while。
Fortunately, the sound of sound,Let him wake up in time,Aware of the saving people,Human,Others are virtual。
Moreover,I really want to fold Yang Shou for this.,I haven’t lived in three or five days.,Even if hell,The land Tibetan King Bodhisattva can make him lose money?
It certainly can’t do it.!
Chapter 172 leave me alone,You are too bright.
Carry out four women into the house,Static round is filled on the wall,袈 裟 裟 裟 裟,Liao Jie contributes a money sword hanging in the door handle。
The two goes along the five floors,Did not take the elevator。
Know all,Know that there is a ghost and take the elevator,This is not a time,It is too much time.。
Arrived on the fourth floor along the corridor,The cold mist is more,When I arrived at the second floor,Some steps have been difficult。
Shadow shaking,Ghost building。
Blood red corridor lights like a human skin lantern in the fog,Sway,Sweeping。
In the fond of fifth fingers,One of the silhouette,Silent silence,Stick to Liao Jie and Quiet Round,Squeeze the corridor and corridation。
“Heaven and earth nature,Dispersion”
“Five Mountains,Eighthae know”
Liao Jie’s full enlightenment,at the very beginning,Circle within five meters,A ghost is not dare to close。
Wained the second floor stairway,Because the cold fog is too rich,Form a field of hell,Powerful discounts in net world。
Surrounding the soul reaches the hand,Borrow in a pair of malicious eyes,Rao is Liao Jie from the high-ranking,Can’t help but have some hearts.。
This second floor,There is also the first floor below.,Wained the basement source,More cold and fog,I want to take a way.,Isn’t it a face with a mist?、Shoulder shoulder shoulder?
Think about it。
Quiet rounds also read several Buddhist scriptures,The effect is not as good as Liao Jie’s net world,rounding,Is there all。
He sorry closed his mouth,Handheld Zen sticks to act as a bodyguard,Have some daring,Shugging。
“妖 妖,Degree”
Arrival on the first floor,Liao Jie’s brain sweating,I can’t help it.。
Have a row of ten times in a row,Hemark consumption And with a layer The ininter is more fog,His read The consumption of mental power is more and more exaggerated.。