Li Tianzhen is sitting in the living room of Xiao Song’s room right now,Gaze at the furnishings in the room,Same as he came two years ago,Nothing changes。

The small shoe rack at the door is still neat and clean,The difference is that a pair of slippers are slantingly placed aside,Not stored on the shoe rack,This does not fit Xiao Song’s character;The dining table by the wall has half a glass of water,There is half a deflated、Blackened tomatoes,It’s not stored in the refrigerator,It looks like I was in a hurry when I left。
In the bedroom,Although the bedding on the bed is neatly stacked,But the sheets are wrinkled,Something seems to be formed by dragging on it。The closet on the side is also half open,There are only a few pieces of winter clothing hanging in it,The clothes of other seasons are almost invisible。
This shows that Xiao Song knew the unfavorable news in advance before the incident.,Or found something bad,Then I packed my bags and left,But there is still no time to escape the trap。
Li Tianzhi Xinsai,Because of my negligence and willfulness,Putting his family and Xiao Song in danger,It’s his fault,Irretrievable,For the present,Just do everything,Also break the game and save people,Otherwise how to live in peace。
So Li Tianzhen paced back and forth between the small living room and the bedroom,Carefully observe every detail in the furnishings,Fake appearance and experience every possibility of Xiao Song Qingchen leaving the residence,Like this,People have gradually calmed down,Then entered the state of selflessness。
unconsciously,There are more and more thin things in my mind,Continuous integration and dispersion,finally,A blurry picture appeared before my eyes。So Li Tianzhen walked to the door of the room,The cat’s eye directly above is very conspicuous,He took a closer look,The corridor outside the door is quiet,sunny,Suddenly a black shadow flashed by,Boom boom boom upstairs。
Right in front of the door,The shadow should stay on the left side of the door,Deliberately avoided the cat’s eye observation,But why did you leave suddenly?Li Tianzhen almost opened the door to chase after him,But the subconscious told him that what he saw was only the previous scene。
So the second picture appeared immediately,He saw Xiao Song Lue run to the bedroom in a daze and took off the backpack,Open the closet and start packing,In the process she also answered a call,Then left the room in a hurry。
The third picture is Xiao Song just coming out of the unit door,Looking back,A man in black fell from a building,Is less than three meters away from her,Describe terrible。Li Tianzhen tried to see the man’s face as clearly as possible,But he had to follow Xiao Song’s horror and looked up,It seems that a window on the fifth floor just closed。
The fourth picture is not far from the gate of the community,A man in a baseball cap who was not tall had a brief contact with Xiao Song,Ran into the community immediately,And Xiao Song was entangled at the door by a middle-aged man who got out of the taxi,Although short,But this person’s appearance is very clear。
The next fifth picture is Xiao Song running,Then he was hijacked by two men who jumped off a silver-gray business car。So far,The five scenes from Xiao Song leaving the dormitory to being hijacked all look back to the end。
Unfortunately there is no sixth picture,Otherwise, the situation on the commercial vehicle should show more clues,But can’t force it anymore,It’s great to be able to backtrack the scene,Li Tianzhen sat in the living room for a while before carefully locking the door and leaving。
Wogua is boring smoking downstairs,I saw Li Tianzhen come downstairs,So he hurried up,“Where to go next?”