A flower,The people who came from suddenly broke。
Follow,Strong people feel the cold wind,His head has been buckled by two hands,Then。
The brain of the strongman turned one hundred and eighty degrees,Cowing eyes,Pupil,It’s like a broken doll, it is generally slow to the ground.。
Forest。Still in a silent。
NS090chapter Cold-blooded
Sudden scene,Also stunned the moon。
She has been desperate,And determined to be determined,Even if you die, you can’t let the other person succeed.。
Just one second,She has decided to bite her hands.。
Sha sand sand。
Gluten footsteps。
The moon is caught in the grass,Can’t see people,But it can feel,That person who saves himself,Slowly approaching。
She is helped by a strong hands,And have clothes on her body。
A gentle voice is in the ear。
“sorry,I’m late。”
Voice is just。
The fang of the moon is suddenly stiff,Then it is a lightning strike,Dramatic trembling。
This sound……This sound……
She uses the strength of the whole body,Turn around,Twist,Look at。
Not a dream!
Not an illusion!
It is the cheek that makes her dreams of dreaming for eight years.。
Shock,Excited,joy,Wronged……Various emotions float in this moment,She tears,No matter what you have tied into the summer。
He is coming to save me.。
he came。
He still cares about me.。
Summer is also complex,When it is not a feeling now,I immediately took her shoulder,Whispered。
“I will give you now.,But don’t speak out,Understand?”
Moon strike,The teardrop is like broken the line of pearls.。
Under the hills,Creek。
Two men and women don’t speak,Atmosphere is very dull。