IGThe last choice,Schindra is locked。

Hereed,The two lines have been determined。
Blue squareSSline-up:Single sword、Wild wine barrel、Single Li Sangso、ADCez、Tumm。
Red squareIGline-up:Shangdad、Wild Zhao Xin、China Singdra、ADCCasa、Auxiliary hammer。
And after entering the line stage of the game,In the perspective of God。
IGobviously,Made tactical decisions that are different from the game competition。
Compared to the regulations of the game competition,This gameIG,It has become very fierce from the beginning of the rhythm.。
Crazy tour of two people in the wild,SSExplain obvious uncomfortable。
sofWild area,It is very uncomfortable to be invaded。And the disadvantages of his wild,It also inevitably affectsSSOther people。
Compare,Although the life expectancy ability is very good in the middle of the single。
But facing the fierce rhythm of the two,In the process of a wave,She still inevitably handed over her own flashes.。
then,The middle road is also inevitably caught in some slight disadvantages.。
Field6Minute45second,Wine barrel is accurate in the hammer stoneQAfter the skill hit。
Already over the flash before,It can only be helplessly handed over300Blockhead。
Subsequent,Support for the Sanguo to retreat。
existIGSeveral output,Although she finally succeeded,But she has been extremely disabled at this time.,She has to choose back to the city。
This is an epitome of the pre-pace of the field.。
but……There must be lost。
Central National Auxiliary Festival takes off,The cost behind it isADCCompressive pressure。
certainly,Don’t think there is anything,He is almost habiting this kind of play。
but,SSMan,It seems that it is in the order of the Casa,See the opportunity to break。
then,They are in the game time7Minute50In the time point in seconds,The hammer is once again selected to go。
Start preparing for forced horses。
forSSConvinced,This is what they can find in the previous period.,One of the few chances,Naturally, it is necessary to grasp。
Their middle road,I have already been aware of it.IGWhen the wild auxiliary begins to swim,I have already turned it back.,I haven’t intended it at all.IGHistead opportunity。
In the wild,It is after talking to your teammates.,It is directly to the position of the road.。
Casha’s blood is very healthy,This is related to the cautious of her time.。
then,Wine barrels are the footsteps of our teammates,All the wayIGAmong the grass in front of the column。
The war line is pushedIGLower road,SSofADC,ezAlso already along with the soldier,ArrivedIGA tower。
Next second,Tumo directly opened a big trick,Falling position of the big move,AlsoIGA tower。
This big move is not necessarily poisonous,Let the Casha have been completely broken upwards。
Wine barrel,Also in the subsequent tricks of Tumm。
On the other sideez,Also here is Casha’s Casa, getting closer。