Fladder,The coming people only feel that the foot is like a pharmaceutical pasta pain.,Instantly spread the right leg,Faceful,Bare to fly with strength。

At this time,Summer is slow。
Two people。
A man and a woman。
An irritation and jealous of young people wearing Tang suit。
A enchanting woman wearing a purple silk dress like a smile,“Mr. Xia,Are you really awkward?。”
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First1371Chapter Unfortunately, I am not interested in old women.
First1371Chapter Unfortunately, I am not interested in old women.
Liuzi’s sound quality is beautiful,Be very cold。
But she still has a charming temperament.。
Both join together,Bring a very large contrast。
With the sound,Her lotus model,Foot walk is lightweight,Deep purple skirt penetrates slightly,Come to the summer。
“Mr. Xia,This place has become the division of my three-education in Qinghai.,You are here,Will it be too faced?。”
Original question,Said by her sexy ruddy lips,Don’t have a flavor,Smile, exposed scallops, snow, white,Long eyelashes under a pair of fascinating scorpions have a fascinating charm。
Summer laughing,Unscrupulous eyes,“What。”
“Let go!”
Fang immediately followed the young people who had a short hand in the summer.。
He bite his teeth,Double punch,Especially see the more aggressive eyes in the summer,It’s like an angry beast, I can’t help it.,Tear of this violation of the goddess of the heart。
Liu Zi smiled,When you are tempting unlimited。
She slowly transferred,Light glasses of youth,Youth’s face is now changed,Hurry and smash,Seems necessary。
“Mr. Xia can let me three,Let’s talk about it,How?”
Liuzi’s beauty,Like spring water and sunny soft together,It will be flexible and charming,It’s like gel, it is generally going to drop the water.。
Summer dark eyes flashing,The mouth of the mouth makes people can’t touch the smile,“I also have this meaning。”
Next,Three people walking hard buildings,Finally enter a hall。
The space in the hall is very spacious,Decoration is not a modern luxury,It is a magazine,Antique,A simple breath。
Summer blinking,Have a huge vase of two glossy crystal,Then the quaint screen of the rear of the vase。