The guards of other Sun’s family,In fact, it is also almost。

After all, for them,Such a thing,How should I handle it?。
Right,How to see,How to make people feel,It’s very uncommon。
And this time,Shen Xuan is like laughing。
“Well,I didn’t say it now.,Then I will……”
When Shen Xuan said here,not far away,A voice comes。
“Wait a moment。”
This sound,Broken the original silence。
It is even more,All the brush is brushing to look at the eyes。
Say here,what’s going on?
This,Why suddenly let these people have a kind,It seems that it is completely unknown。
In this case,In the hearts of those people around,It’s even secretly thinking.。
“I am unknown。”
Walking over a strange man,He is walking,While talking。
Sun Di looked at that person in front of him,He strives to think back,Do yourself,Where is this man?。
But very fast,Sun Di failed。
Because he thought for a long time,I didn’t think of it.。
That person looked to Sun Di,Still can’t help but say。
“Grandchildren,First introduce yourself,I am called Qianlong.,Admire Sun’s family for a long time。”
“this matter,I think Shen Xuan is too much.,so,I am helping!”
When Money Longsheng’s words,This is the heart of Sun Di’s heart.。
turn out to be,All this is like this.。
Since this is said,So all this,It is already completely clear.。
After a while,Sun Di is even more。
“it is good,In this case,Then please。”
When Sun Di finished,Surroundings Sun Jiazhong,Also, they will hopes that they are on Qianlong.。
By now,Start now,It seems to be,Do it。
“Hope this master,Ability to pull the tide。”
“Although I don’t have any hope,but now,It seems that it can only be so。”
“No matter how much,In short now,It’s good to look at it here.。”
This,With those people around,I think it is dark in my heart.。
For such things,In fact, their hearts are deep,The more I want it, the more I feel anxious.。
After all, now,These things,In fact, from essentially,It is not a bad thing.。
So next,It’s going to let these people deeply,Produced a feeling of jump。