“Because I have long you want to come,Your ability is in my eyes.”

His mouth has a malicious smile,Pu-style does not have anti-resistance at all in front of him,Because he has already put the body to the level of seven layers of activation.。
Pudi wants to hurt him to basically。
No matter how many times of the Pu style is the same result。
As long as the Spring wants to do it, he can do it.,It will not give the Pu-style reaction with this.。
“I also know,You still have a transformation ability,Can make your strength become strong,But what is this?”Spring smiles。
Pudi is wide,He didn’t expect his ability to expose this.。
“Hui Night?Do not,She can’t know so much.”There is only a fearful in the eyes of the Pu style.。
He is now completely can’t understand this man in front of him.,Actually, I can easily take him with body.,How strong the true strength of the other person?
How can there be such a character here?,It is like this in this home.!
Pudi looking at the pan,Spring smile smile。
Ten years he doesn’t relax。
The gravity manufacturing of blood drill arrives at the limit,But he still has space。
Change gravity and easily,It’s nothing more than paying some Chakra.,This is why Spring will progress so fast.。
When he finds that he can’t break through the eighth layer to activate,He has been working hard to strengthen his body。
So now,He is still not strong about Chakra’s application skills,And there is no change at the beginning。
In addition to copying the golden wheel of Ning,Basically, there is no progress.。
All his energy is placed in vital。
Even if you don’t change your body,His full blow can still affect space。
The speed is even more amazing。
It can be said that he has reached a general sense of body.,But his body is still strong。
Seems to have no end。
One day he can break the space with the body,Become an unable to resist。
Moreover, the energy absorbed by the ten tails is also supplied to Springs.,It seems that he only cultivates ten years.,But in fact, longer。
Otherwise, the time of ten years,Even if there is space to provide gravity,He is impossible to now this extent。
“I surrender,Facing your powerful characters,I don’t have any resistance”Pudi lost the fish in the hand,Full body relaxation,Say。
“Oh,This will give up”Spring is interested in。
“We did not have too many contradictions,Even I can also help you contact this home.,Let you have the rule of this world,There is no problem in the peaceful things.”
“Capital wood must also provide you with the right,Part of Chakra fruit will also hand over you,I hope I have this honor to become your subordinates.”
Pudi is completely affected。
Other metamorphosis,And his words are also true,Castle wood family believes in strength。
Such as the spring,Directly become one of the people’s controls。
In the future, it is also not necessarily not necessarily,He is still attached early,Maybe you can get some benefits。
He didn’t know why case she created such a character.,But it is apparent that this person is not a hierarchy.。
“Is this??It’s not bad to listen.,But。。。。”Quanyi’s mouth,Show a context。
“What are your requirements?,This home will be very in the request”Pudi listened to Spring,I thought he was there?。
“Not required,But I don’t like the big tube.,So you go to hell waiting for them.”
A lot of purple runes spread from the hands of the spring,This is the design of Yun Village。