“Hey!Blame me too,I didn’t see you should call you,I knew where I was waiting,If it wasn’t for Mr. Xia to ask the nurse,,I might have to wait http://www.zx-power.cn till dawn”Aunt Ding sighed and said。

Something has been said,When Xia Jian heard it, it really felt like that。Did you blame Xiao Xiao for being too anxious?,They are father and daughter,Isn’t he anxious yet??
A group of people standing in the door of the intensive care unit and watching,I saw Lao Xiao lying quietly on the hospital bed,Wearing an oxygen mask,Look far,Feel very peaceful。
This good guy,Why didn’t you see me for a long time?,Already lying here,This person’s life sometimes seems really fragile。Xia Jian can’t stand it anymore,He walked away silently。
Xiao Xiao followed from behind,She turned to ask:“What do you mean?Do you suspect that my dad’s illness is related to me?Mingren don’t do secret things,Just say it if you have an idea?”
Xia Jian hasn’t said anything,Go straight to the http://www.maidikuai.cn top of the stairs and then stop。Xiao Xiao chased it over,Close the door of the stairs from the outside,She yelled a little reluctantly:“You must give me an explanation about this”
“I ask you,Mr. Xiao lying in the intensive care unit,Why don’t you guard him,What are you doing home?”Xia Jian expressed his doubts。
Xiao Xiao snorted coldly:“What do you say i do?The door was not closed when I left today,Besides, is it useful for me to stay here??”
First0711chapter The situation is a bit complicated
Xiao Xiao’s righteousness made Xia Jian speechless for a while。But Xiao Xiao doesn’t stop,She approached Xia Jian,Point to Xia Jian’s chest and say:“Don’t do things too much,We are the father-daughter relationship,who are you?Get involved at every turn。I told you to come back to save you face,If i don’t call back,How about http://www.yanyangdabao.cn you?“
Xiao Xiao looked provocative,Xia Jian really wanted to punch her,But then think about it,What they said is true,This is my housework,Even if Xiao Xiao is against Old Xiao,He has no right to speak。
calm,calm,Xia Jian kept chanting these two words in his heart,The clenched fist is released again。
Just when the two people are facing each other,Wang Lin opened the door and ran over,She whispered:“Mr. Xiao woke up,He wants to see Mr. Xia and you“Wang Lin said,I glanced at Xiao Xiao with a bit of resentment。
Xia Jian waved his arm,Pushing away Xiao Xiao who was in front of him,Walk quickly towards the intensive care unit。The nurse told him and Xiao Xiao to change clothes,Brought them in together。