He gave a lot of spending for more than ten years.,Don’t want to give others a sparring。Nange OK,And those strangers are absolutely unhappy。

Zhou feels like him,If you go to add badminton,In addition to loading×He really can’t think of other reasons。
He is aiming at the eyes,Baozi has no sound。
At this time, Nan Ge long stretched a lazy waist.:“I have been a bit tired for forking for so long.,Yesterday, the little is not bad at the afternoon.,Today, we will eat again.,Still me!”
Yesterday is the eating。
So the three people slowly walked out of the school gate。
‘Slightly’Yi people,Generally, use special ingredients and meat vegetables,Generally equipped with cooked rice noodles and multiple dishes,Use a bamboo with a little similar to you.,Belt the gloves with your hand,Take it on the ingredients to eat。
Unfamiliar people do not recommend eating together。
After eating,Zhou Zhi to Tianrui Kangyuan walked。
On the road, he entered the potted store.,Start serious look at all kinds of flowers,The boss also introduced him。
I don’t want to express the true identity.,He pointed a pot of yellow flower:“This good-looking。”
http://www.hntpsjwy.cn Boss smiling:“This is a pot of micro-moon,It’s like flowering.,Yellow is more elegant than red,Will n’t grow very big。This plant has been three or four years.,Every month will bloom。”
序 序 认 对 对 对 周:“We met several times today.,Also fate,I suggest you buy this。”
So he bought this pot month。
Also bought a small piece of bamboo,Ready to put on the desk。
槐 序 门 他 门,See the turn of the turn to see him,He said:“Well,You also go here?”
Depth:“I bought the bowl of fruit on the Internet.,Just waiting for me to help me。”
It’s honest.。
Some of the sun outside,The two speeds up the footsteps。
Five packages。
Fortunately,Otherwise, the weekly will run two。
A push open door,The window on the balcony is not closed,Full of wind,Curtain is blown up,Sunshine therefore sprinkle http://www.jvchuan.cn into the living room。The group puts her cat in the living room is the position of the sun.,Is quiet sun。
She is enjoying。
Put the package on the table,The sequacult can’t wait to remove the short knife to start unpacking,It seems that it is full of enthusiasm。
Zhouzhi put the moon on the balcony,Wenzhu Ling Indoor,When you come back, pull the curtain to the most,Then start cleaning up a coffee cake packaging paper and a group of beef, and the group.。
The group opened his eyes and stared at him.,Mengmeng asked:“Why do you pull it?,Is this not blowing??”
“Um?You like that?”
So Zhouzhi also pulled half of the curtain。
The group is satisfied with his eyes,She turned over,Come on the other side,At the same time asked:“Depth,Does the university fun??”
“Universities have not started,But I think……”Laugh,“Fun。”
Zhou thinks at the university,Whether it is classmate,Still him,Mature mature than high school,The schools and people in this school know more about others space.。