Xia Jian sat on the sofa,He took a breath and said。

Jin Yimei nodded and said:“Good manager Xia!Now our biggest opponent is Jinding Group,As for He Wei’s Beiwei Group,I think a little attention can defeat her。Anyway, we and Beiwei have been recruited so many times,They should never win”
“Ok!Your analysis makes sense,You said we didn’t say a word this time,Kill it then?Still say gain momentum ahead of time?”
Xia Jian humbly asked Jin Yimei for advice,After all, Jin Yimei has experienced a lot in this industry,On experience,He Xia Jian can’t be compared with Jin Yimei。
Xia Jian’s question,Make Jin Yimei lost in thought,She thought for a long time before she said:“I think!We still use the original method,Suddenly strike。Because from the current point of view,No one knew that we would participate in this bidding。We take advantage of this,Give Li Tieyuan a surprise”
“it is good!I return to Pingdu this time,Have discussed with a few shareholders,They all agreed to participate in the bidding in the name of Hongjian。I’m hereFA shareholder,Promised to call 10 million,Wang Lin from the United States has not been contacted yet,I http://www.yiya123123.cn don’t think she will stand by if she has money”
Xia Jianyue said the more confident,He knew,When necessary, he will let Luo invest a little more,Of course, this is something,Infallible,He won’t bother Luo Yi again。
Jin Yimei pushed the glasses on the bridge of her nose,She smiled and said:“The industrial park is revitalized as soon as you come,I think I can borrow some money from the bank”
Xia Jian thought for a while,Hurriedly got up and went to Xiao Xiao’s bedroom,He quickly turned on Xiao Xiao’s computer,Just putQQLconnected,A message popped up。It turned out to be a message from Guo Meili“Do it well, Mr. Xia,I will invest 50 million in your Hongjian”
Xia Jian saw this news,He’s so happy。
First2573chapter Really didn’t expect
Come out of Xiao Xiao’s bedroom,Xia Jian is in a great mood。
“President Xia!I have any good http://www.dealex.cn news?”
Jin Yimei smiled and asked Xia Jiandao。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Good news indeed。I have a friend overseas,To vote 50 million to support our shantytown reconstruction bid,Thus,We can get 100 million yuan of funds on the periphery,The odds will increase”
“that’s great,I will work hard at the bank。It’s late,Xia pays attention to rest,Let’s talk about something tomorrow,I should be going”
Jin Yimei said,Get up and go,Because it’s past off work time。
Wait for Jin Yimei to leave,Xia Jian returned to Xiao Xiao’s bedroom,Then I looked at my ownQQ。Except Guo MeiliyongQQOther than the message sent,There is no more information on it。Suddenly he found hisQQThere is an email in the mailbox,Should be sent just now,Because he didn’t seem to see it before。
With joy,Xia Jian opened this email。It was from Wang Lin,The mail is written like http://www.jiuzhouzhenye.cn this“See you can kill back to Bucheon,I am very happy。My company in the U.S. has struggled for nearly a year,After discussing with my parents,,We have transferred several companies in the United States to others for more than 30 million US dollars。Before i leave the U.S.,I will invest all this money in your Hongjian Group,As the capital of this bid。This matter is top secret,We want to kill our opponent by surprise”