He said some bumps:“Sui,Su Sei Ming,I ordered you,Go out immediately。”

“belch”Su Sei Ming hit a barley。
“I am gone.,Can you have a person to fight so many people??Look at me。”Su Sei Ming is drunk。
The fist has already hit it toward Wen Longjun.。
The fast fist is like a wind,When Mu Zizi has not said a word,I heard a Wen Yan’s scream.。
“Ah”Wen Yan painful,Let his woman behind him screamed。
The body retreats to the table,Close the table,All the wine is all in the ground,Send a flat-constant sound!
Su Seiming this punch,Wen Wen’s dizk,Double eyes take Venus,After a while, he woke a bit.。
Mu Zi looked,this moment,The bottom is full of rapid,It’s like Le Yu Zhu Xi.。
His sneak photo is not,But he is too concerned about the woman.。
Wen Long mouth has blood flow out,A smell,Flood to his mouth。
He spit a bloody water,阴 阴 森 森 森 景。
A angry voice burst out from his thin lips:“Give me!”
Men’s moments in four suit。
Mu Ziyou,Collapse the taste,Instantly change into a sharp ray。
Also moved quickly。
Muzi,Lu Hao Cheng,Su Sei Ming,European,Four brothers,That is practiced together,A strong,The two fists are not vegetarian,Not in two minutes,The men of the four suitves are lying on the ground.。
I have a fight here.,Wine bottle is full,The ground glass debris is full,People inside,Many of them have retired。
Dewnate sound,Also in http://www.090fudao.cn this moment!
Only some scared women are screaming。
A middle-aged man wearing a black suit came over,He is the manager of this hotel,Also knowing Mu Zi and Su Sei Ming。
He looked at Mu Zi’s face.:“Oy,Mu,Su total,A little small matter,Don’t act so big liver fire!”
Mu Zizi:“Wang Manager,Sorry,Here, I will pay for a while.。”
Heard this sentence,Wang Manager is relieved!
He smiles a face:“Thank you!”
Subsequent,He is wise,This kind of thing he has already been used to it.。
Let them solve themselves,As long as compensation for this loss!
Wen Wen,Watching Mu Zihao。
Looking at the manager’s attitude toward Mu Zi,Compliment and charming,I am afraid that the identity of these people is not simple. 。
Calculate,Don’t make a lot of things to him??
If it is in the ear of the ear,So,The consequences http://www.shulekai.cn could be disastrous。
He glanced at Mu Ziyu,Low:“let’s go!”