Kong Xinyue,A needle is pointed out:“Then you have previously said that you will say this.。”

Yan Zhi stunned:“Yes?”
Kong Xinyue looked at her,A tone of the truth,“You are different from Yan Fengxing.。”
Kong Xinyue crucifidially:“Is tolerant mother love!”
You can say friends love,Mother love is big。
Kong Xinyue is worried and worried:“Then there were thousands of times and the rumors.,You don’t want from my sister, Mother-in-law??”
竹 一 按 手 手:“do not, You are too stimulating。”
Kong Xinyue,Anti-hand taken her arm:“Oops,you are so bad~”
Branch has already http://www.ruixingsoft.cn made a thousand hammer, I immediately reached out and pinned the cheek of the holiday,Smile:“You are not the same., So cute~”
Kong Xinyue:“……I surrender。”
at the same time。
裴 星 站 on the other side of the deck。
His face is hot, Live to the first thing for the first time, I don’t know if he just“It seems that it is very good to provoke”Nothing is in place。
If there is no success, it is lost,But if it is successful……Xiao Jie can have a reason if you come to you.。
It is undeniable that, Square, 枝, then treat,Really let Yan Feng star have a moment of trick。
More and more innocent, The heart is heavily in the heart。
裴 逢 星 ‘s hand presses on the railings,Finger gently curled up。
“Royal brother。”
Someone behind him。
裴 裴 星 回 头 去 去,Xiao Yao。
The other party said hello, And the http://www.xingronlaling.cn attitude has a subtle difference than the last time,Yan Fengxing naturally wants to return:“……Xiao Shi brother。”
It’s just a little alleged.,after all『touch』If you don’t ask for each other?。
Xiao Yao went to the rail,The distance between the same happened,Discretion,Heaven:“What is the difficulties??”
He looked at him unclear.。
“for example,Lack of money,Practice hindrance。”
Xiao Jo’s wording is not sharp,Especially tiled,“If there is this difficulty,Try to help you,You are Welcome。”
The hand of the Feng Xingxing is quiet,Fall behind the side,Clothing occluded:“There is no much love with Xiao Shi brother.,How can I help me??”
“Naturally there is conditional。”
裴 逢 星 心:really。
Xiao Yage God『color』Slightly quirky,Didn’t do something,The illusion you like is a person who is a special trip to make Yan Yan.:“枝 心『sex』simple,Not yet understanding the interests of certain things,What I am missing, I will make you up.,Please don’t find a branch.,Never have to continue some kind……Not a big relationship。”
裴 裴 星 体 体 体 着 meaning meaning,There is no face of the face, but I can’t see the moment.,He is full of eyes,Also do not ask anything,“Dare to ask,Xiao Shi brother and branch,What is the relationship??”
Xiao Zhidao:“Is her brother。”