This is the last count of the Kunlun Mountain in advance.。

This is so,Three people pass the third disaster,Also dangerous。
Fortunately, they are under the Deni of the Bi Lingzi,Yuan God has been tempered,The mana is more pure,Equivalent insurance。
Here,They respect the ancestors。
If the non-old ancestors have seen the talents of the Lingerzi,Bi Lingzi’s hand grinding them,I am afraid that they really have to fold in three disasters.。
As for jade,After entering the Kunlun Holy Land,I don’t like the past, I like friends.,Stay in Yushuang Palace,Doorway,Say to say this,Do not touch。
And have already taken a big tree,If you should not go out,So will bring trouble to the ancestor。
His words and behave,Yuan Chenzi three people have a great understanding,So I told the disciple under the door.,Going out, you must deceive people,In short, be careful。
Really encounter a big event,First come back to report the teacher,Make a decision。
Anyway, the purpose of the Kunlun Holy Land,Highlight two words“safe”。
Su Chen naturally cleared。
Three thousand years old。
NS144chapter Ambition
Cave,Su Chen slowly opened his eyes。
After three thousand years of hardship,Distance to the road of gods,Ten stopped kung fu is only a stop。The pneumatic practice of power is required and bitter,Indeed。Tough,To endure the boring in the long years。
This is not an Xukang,Have a lot of fun,Instead, it is necessary to invest in the ground.,Put it into a pure-to-extreme god,As a savings of breakthrough。
No shortcut。
certainly,Mid-year,Su Chen will also participate in the vitality of the earth。
Now he probably retrieves himself 30 years.,it is a pity,Cannot be divided into many times,Circular can only be separated from ten times。
But it is almost enough.。
This is equivalent to a chance of more than a dozen times.。
Heilian incarnation is still in gestation,And still continuously extracting the cave。
If it is not Su Chen, you have a cyan strip.,I have to use a law machine that I can’t see the dry trend.,I am afraid Su Chen wants to be touched by the black lotus。
Just paying so many investments,If you don’t see the return, you will withdraw it.,It’s not too realistic。
Anyway, Su Chen is waiting patiently。
But the boring of hard work for 3,000 years,Still need to do。
Practice,A relaxation,Su Chen did not force practice,But I plan to relax.。
Yuxi Palace now includes jade realist,Already have four Tianxian,Twelve Yuan God。
Su Chen has to admit,Twelve this figure is with him。
Ten people in the middle, add old miscellaneous、蜃 蜃 This will follow him,Two two。
Twelve representatives,The root of the old demon is Montenegro,Mountain corresponding to the earth。
In the middle,There is always some mystery that is unknown.。
After he passed,No breathing,Immediately cause the sensation of Yuan Chenzi three people,Continuous jade is also arrived。
Under the jade,Four Tianxian,“Gorgeous。”
Su Chen looked at the four fairy,Slightly,“Your practice is not slack,very nice。”