“Snake uncle,I am also recently read the information.,Your daughter is Ye Lin.?”Dongxing laughs:“Ye Lin once turned into a killer to go to Laos to assassinate alone,I have traveled with her.。”

“good,Ye Lin is my daughter,Mother’s surname。”Snake is dead:“What is your kid??”
“He is the main owner of our Qinglong Chamber of Commerce。”Lin Feng smiled and explained:“Trendered。”
“I see,She assassina is you!”Snake is dead, suddenly laughing:“it is good,it is good,it is good,I knew that I came with this head.。”
“it’s fate!”Night lonely smile:“Dongxing still has no family room,Dongxing refueling!”
“Grandfather,Young people do you care about,Come,Snake uncle,drink wine,I have time to ask her to have a meal.。”Dongxing to raise a laugh。
“cheers!”Snake is not a happy smile。
Two people drink,And then Dongxing began to respect others。
“Maple,How to complete this time?”Lonelled Lin Feng asked。
“I am a successful solution.。”Lin Feng said with a smile:“And this receipt is very large,Six Buddha Gate,Eighteen Tian Luo!”It’s all people.,Lin Feng is not intended to conceal,This also shows the snake.,We take you as yourself。
NS247chapter Combat plan
“Six Buddha Gate,Eighteen Tian Luo!”Tell this,Night lonely,Cheng Tianlong,Heaven and others are alive。
Then, a few people show excited,It seems that the heart in my heart has once again out.。
The people of Tongzhi have plundered,And Lin Feng secretly killed,Robbery,This way, the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce has not been lost.,Even poured a big pen。
And the Datuk Li Wei God and the snake are open on the face of the shackles.,The two people can’t understand what they are saying.。
“Night master,You explain it.。”Lin Feng looked at night lonely:“Li Shuhe Snake Secretary I didn’t know this.。”
“Ok,God,Misunderstood,Although the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce is weak,But the people of Tongz belkeed too much.,When you come, you will get rid of a blue dragon.,In the evening, I personally shot three people.,Today, Tong Dynasty people and Tang family trading,President to the interception,Seaned what they bought。”Night lonely smile。
“This is too big.!”
“TC is the great forces of the gold level,Very overbearing,Sly,Although Amitabha on the surface,But it is not soft when it is right.。”
“Is this not discontinued??”
Li Yizhen and the snake feel that your head is not enough.,They are unclear and unreal.,An external look does not meet the leaders of the bronze level forces directly intercepting the golden level of the big power masters.,And succeeded。
And now didn’t find it,If it is discovered,I am afraid that Lin Feng can’t sit in place here.。
Night lonely looks at the two questions,And laugh and explain:“Since you are your own people,Then there is no need to conceal,The president made a five-poisonous applaud in a http://www.hrbguangri.cn disaster,So many things that Tongz Zi directly find Southeast Asian five-poisonous people。”
“so it is,No wonder the recent people in Tong to travel to Southeast Asia and five poisonous people,Both sides have died a lot of people,But Multi-Point,Although Tzec’s martial arts is just to Yang,But after all, toxic。”Lee God:“So they buy Tang family’s Tian Luo Si Internet to deal with the five poisonous people。”
“But I can’t think of the people who will be robbed.,This tribe, I am afraid that I am really angry.,President,Repair,Really a generation,Look at the summer,There are also a few young masters.。”Snake is angry:“No wonder, clean up the sky and the day of the day.。”
If it is said that Dongxing is amazing,This is more amazing and enchanting.。
Such a enchanting genius is destined to release a brilliant ray,It is destined http://www.csjlife.cn to not silently,Means,Do things decisive,Cuple,All of this is destined to the future of Lin Feng is far away.,It must lead to the development of Qinglong Chamber of Commerce to become a great force.。
“Snake uncle,I just put the cold gun behind it.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Can’t open the table。”