Blue Xin laughs:“teacher,Thanks for your trust,I will do my best to do it.。”

Li Yina nodded,“Blue,I listen to your father said,You have always been a very hard person,Recently,You are also boiling in the news.,but,I still believe that I know you.。”
She is also an old age.,See people very accurate!
Those attack words,But because of her talent。
Since I plan to collect her,Blue Xin’s things,She also find someone to investigate.。
Although it is a single mother,But she appreciates her courage and effort。
This world is unfair,Once the ability to have the ability to make and resist the sound,It will be attacked and abandoned by all people.。
This kind of thing is also encountered when she is young.,So it is very light to these things.。
She doesn’t care about those rumors,What cares about her understanding。
Lan Xin didn’t think she would believe in myself.,Life experience,It’s not a surface.,She is not looking at the human eye,But to see people with heart。
Blue Xin said gratefully:“teacher,Thank you!”
So many people believe in her,She is already very contentment.。
Yi Tianqi smiled:“Artina,I don’t miss you this friend.,Blue-blue this matter,Involve some family interests,Blue is blushing by her with a knife.。
this matter,I also surveyed it.,Some people have died in the dark name。”
Blue Xinyi,Quite helplessness,These things,As long as this circle is involved,Can not be avoided。
Li Yina is very distressed, I looked at Blue Xin.,“Blue,Since it is mixed in this circle,Then these things are unavoidable.,But I believe in you.,Will not be defeated by these rumors。
After a month,There will be an international costume exchange meeting,By the time,You go with me,I take you to meet my friends.,You grow so beautiful,Everyone will like you very much.。”
“teacher,Is it really international costume exchange??”Blue Xin is excited to look at Li Yina。
“Ha ha”Li Yina looked at her,Can’t help but laugh,“Yes,Blue,I will take you people who know the industry.,Your design is very good,Go to everyone to exchange,You still young,this road,Can go further。”
She read her design clothes,City in Fan City,Have certain influence。
She won’t read this time.。
Yi Tianqi listened,Happy looking at daughter,He slowly viewed Li Yina,“Artina,Look,You are very optimistic blue。”
Li Yina looked at him and shake his head and shake his head.,“Tian Qi,I look at the blue talents and her efforts.,If you don’t work with blue,I give her more opportunities.,She is still in place。”
Yi Tianqi is more agreement on this,“Artina,You can say it right.,Blue-blue child,Indeed,I have always seen in my eyes these years.。”
“dad!”Lan Xin’s screamed,“You boast me like this,I will be proud。”
“Ha ha”Yi Tianqi listened,Happy smile。
Li Yina looked at Yi Tianqi,And he knows so many years,I rarely saw him smiling like this.。
Look,He is really happy now.。
Subsequent,Cuisine,Three people chat while。
Li Yina has always been very happy,Blue Xin is also grateful,I have been quietly listening to two elders chatting.,Occasionally, the last two sentences。
Three people have a very happy meal.。
After a meal,Blue Xin to the bathroom。
Yi Tianqi and Li Yina are waiting for her elevator.。
Blue Xin came out from the bathroom,Gu Xihong is just here to eat the bathroom。
He just saw Blue Xin from far away.。