“Master,By the time,Will you receive an new apprentice??”Yun Qin asked。

In fact, she is quite selfish,She doesn’t want it to collect again in the North.,Because she doesn’t want to share the attention of the North Sea with others。
Although the original memory,In the northern division, there is no other apprentice.,but,Now changed to her,Why do you have to make sure。
Looking at the little guy carefully,The northern smile http://www.chuauto.cn smiled and smashed the head of Yunqin。
“Xiaoqin can hopes that Master’s brother?”
Yunqin honest shaking head,“In no mood!”
“why?Xiaoqin doesn’t want someone to accompany you in Dawei Feng.?”The North Sea asked again。
“I have Master to accompany me.!Don’t do anyone else!”
“But,Master is sometimes like today.,Go out for a whole day or even a few days,You can’t accompany you.。”
“It’s ok,I can wait for Master to come back.!and,There is also a Sister Sister,Windn brother,Lin, a brother, they accompany me.!”
“Master,you,Do you want to collect others??Don’t you like Yunqin??!”Say,Yun Qin is a mouth,It has already begun in the eyes。
He just wants to tease a little guy.,As a result, this little guy who did not have a sense of security actually thought of this.?!
Looking at the little man’s face is a pair‘abandon’Expression,The northern chaser has helpless。
“No。Master wants to ask Yunqin,I don’t want someone to accompany you.,If you want to,Master will receive aparttes and also,Since Xiao Qin is not willing,Master, of course, will not receive others.。”
“All right,Don’t cry。”The North Section hugged Yun Qin soft comfort。
“Really?Master really will not receive someone else.?”Yunqin is uncertain to see the North Sea。
“of course not,You can’t help you with the teacher.,Where will I receive one more??!”
The northern Pinnaphed the little nose of the Yunqin。
Yunqin immediately broke into laughter,Holding the neck in the North,Quiet of Jiao Li。
soon,Yunqin who is full is began to sleep。
Child’s body,Have a good strength,It is also very good,But sleepy,It is also really easy to sleep.。
Yunqin started nap,In the north, I went to my own Tibetan Pavilion to take a few classical medical books.,Ready to find the new direction of the cold poison in the medical book。
Dinqin’s day trial,Soon it。
Discipline,Ten days,There are http://www.jzjxbb.cn six levels of levels。
Only people through six levels,Can enter Double Qin Zong,then,Dangdang’s peak,Long and old disciples。
First day,All peaks of the peak will come to the first level of trial,Waiting for those who participated in trials, they have met the peak owners.,Will leave,Until the last day of trial,Will appear。
After the face of the North Chair,Yun Qin was taken away by the spirit。
And the nine teachers and brothers and sisters are responsible for trying to supervise the agency,Belt Yunchin around,While introducing the major levels of trial trial of Yunqin。
Because Yunqin is directly received by the North,There is no experience of trial,Yunqin is a bit interest in these levels。
Everyone to see the trials work hard,Introduction to Life。
Wait almost the same understanding of these levels,Yun http://www.hbhzyy.cn Qin is gone。
then,the following few days,Yunqin was brought by the North.,Going to several small towns near Double Qangshan。
soon,Ten days of trial end。
This trial,Receive a post,Trial,Whole continent,But more than 100 people,Until final,Trial,But only five people。
These five people,The age is almost a big age,There is only one ten-year-old boy who makes Yunqin watching some eyes.。