next moment,Headlights。
Next night to see,More than three cars,But……Dozens of vehicles,Has been strict and strict。
Besides,There is also a motorcycle surround around.,As the light is on,Motorcycle also roars,Constantly turning circle,Wrap the BMW。 “Clamor。”
The roof is suddenly smashed by a steel pipe.,Strong shock,At the same time, a cold drink,“get off!”
Summer looks back。
The second night is naturally do not have to be said,Experienced a lot of big squad,Although Gu Mengmei age is small,But I have encountered a few assassin。
The two seem to be a bit nervous.,But not too panic。
His gentle smile,“do not be afraid,Get off with me。”
The two are quiet,Go off the door with the summer。
Almost all of the bus lights are focused on three people。
at the same time,A car in front also opened the door,Walk down the body shape,More than 100 people。
People in these people,I saw two acquaintances in the summer.。
One is Jiang Feihong。
another one,Then Yesterday and He Yong went to the hotel to sell jade.。
But at this moment, Wang Bo is giving Jiang Feihong as a bodyguard.。
Besides,There are also three middle ages of body shape.。
They are calm,Walking,Everyone transmits a strong powerful momentum,Noodles,Eyelid。
And the four weeks is a clear color of the big man,Waist drum capsule sac hin has a weapon。
“Jiang Feihong,what are you doing!”
Seeing his moments,The second night has changed color,Sink。
Jiang Feihong laughed,Not answered,But straight in the faceless summer,Eye-catching,“Boy,I know you can play,But now it is best to be honest.。”
Voice is just,Four middle ages around me suddenly transmit powerful momentum,Lock summer at the same time,Murder。
at the same time,Surious wear big man,All-round waist,Black hole’s muzzle is unscrupulous.。
“If you don’t care about the life and death of these two women,Try as soon as possible!”
See this scene,The color of the second night became more gloomy,“Jiang Feihong,Do you know what you are doing?!”
“knowledge,Of course I know。”
Jiang Feihong is uncomfortable,It’s just that the expression is crazy.,“You have abolished my brother,He is still lying in the hospital,Unknown life and death,Don’t I revenge him wrong??”Toned,His mouth pulled out a smile,“If you are still alive,Maybe our three water will be taboo,Unfortunately, the old man is dead.,And you second night……hehe,What kind of bleaching reform,Ha ha ha ha,You must be confusing inside.,This is exactly
Sanshui’s great opportunity,Regardless of the public hatred or private,I can’t let you go.。”
The face of the second night became more ugly.。