"Rehabilitation report" from the squad leader, I think more than a plan is more than a plan.

Special disposal, I think more about the plan. Broadman – a night drill, I drove the missile chariot with my comrades, I dive into the jungle, breaking the "obstacles" set by the guidance group, and smoothly occupy the launch position.

The split missile, the declaration of the yuan … The chariot stopped, we quickly launched a series of launch operations with the semi-light micro-light.

I have a long time, the missile is standing upright, waiting for the enemy "a sword-sealing throat".

However, in my important node of "Bending", a small share "enemy" breaks through the peripheral defense and breaks into the launch position. The short soldiers are connected, "enemies" or annihilated, or dispelled.

But what makes people hurt, the "chemical weapon" throws up and rolling smoke in the scene.

I quickly pay the rest of the strength, under the premise of strict protection, in accordance with the operation method, the soldiers will fight again.

At the same time, the communication device uses the in-vehicle communication equipment to advertise the command office on the "war" and disposal.

The special treatment is complete, and the battle will restore stability.

The cold wind has blown my gas mask, calling it.

I touched my body, sweat has been soaked.

Suddenly, I was born, rushed into the communication cabin, shouted at the communication signal: "Fast! Wait in the situation of our position by the ‘biochemical attack"! "" Commander, according to the traveler The disposal plan, the launch rack is used by the ‘biochemical attack’ just report the situation at the upper level, did not say to notify other launches? "The communication signal is a bit.

"Pressing me to do it!" I didn’t explain, I shouted. The communication number did not know, we have had a "殃 and pool" defeat experience – the countermeasure drill The position of the position is preserved, and the restructuring of the transmitting unit is prepared to continue the battle. Just when we think that the response measures were quickly sucked, the unfair brothers were told that the positions were "chemically contaminated". It turned out that we did not consider the wind direction when he could take the special situation, so that other positions in the lower wind moved to the officers and soldiers who were unintentionally "poisonous smoke".

"This time, the ‘poisonous smoke’ on our position will bottom down, blow to other positions? If you don’t know other launches, sit and wait for the batches to convey the ‘burst’, it may not be able to dispose of it. It is because I think of this series of problems, I decisively, in the case of the special treatment, inform the situation in the case of the two launches.

This drill, although many setbacks, but finally the launches of our camp were taken on time, and successfully "ignited".

The drill is over, for my specialty disposal, Ying Changjiang Jun Peng gives affirmation: the battlefield change is not stopped, and we must change due to the matter due to the situation.

The head of the market said: "If Liu Hao is thinking about one step, wait for the camp to pass the situation in place, the other two launches may already ‘reimburse’." The camp also took the initiative to report the brigade, "notify the wind direction position" The disposal action has added a special disposal plan for the "enemy ‘biochemical attack’". I learned this, a brigade leader said that the perfect treatment of the special treatment plan is more enjoyable, and the end of the head commander, there is a head of innovation.

(The Liberation Army special reporter Deng Dongrui, correspondent Hu Yao) The Rocket Army A tour organization firepower assault drill. Zhang Jie took commander’s review of the training of the soldiers lied in "internalization" ■ The Rooster A brigadier General Zhu Xiangjun ● War is an uncertain kingdom, but does not mean that there is no deterministic existence. Controlling the uncertainty of war, it is just from the deterministic grasp.

If there is no comprehensive plan, there is no full exercise of the plan, and it will not practice the hard-working skills.

● Think more than a plan, is not a simple spiritual machine, but "skills to fall after falling a few". Only by making the plan is used, Lenovo, superposition, and trial error, it can have the calibration of "Neijiang Southwest".

● "Where the war, with the corner, we will be in Qi. Therefore, the good is surprisingly, if you are infinite, you are not exhausted as a river." ". The more you go to the water poor, the more you hide the vitality of the Liuhuahua, the more effectively trigger a variety of live ideas.