"In Search · witness – Summer maple director Art Symposium" was held in the deep

  October 30, guided by the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, organized by Shenzhen Federation of Literary and Art Circles, a research unit of Shenzhen Literary Federation and the Shenzhen Municipal Arts Critics Association hosted the "search-witness – Summer maple director Art Seminar" held in deep, meeting with "search-witness" as the theme, the director of the Shenzhen summer maple creations nearly 30 years of television arts and Shenzhen development to expand theoretical discussions. Seminar scene. Xinhua made this seminar a series of activities including the "Three Ones", that is, a seminar, a portfolio, an art lecture.

"In Search · witness – Summer maple director works" is divided into a large party, events, music videos, social education topics and other works of five major sections, including more than 1000 minutes of video recording.

  To be held in the fifth floor of the Shenzhen Library Auditorium "search-witness – I think the artistic director of" Art is a lecture for the public will be the topic of art to share, face to face on their artistic ideas and creative practice with the audience from the readers summer maple exchange, discuss the prospects and Shenzhen city cultural development path.

  It is understood that the summer maple roots in the past 30 years in the field of arts and Shenzhen TV music and art works has access to national, provincial and municipal important cultural propaganda more than 70 awards.