Shanghai Mobile free upgrade 100M broadband helps the "urban digital base"

In 2021, what will be improved in the life quality of Shanghai? A few days ago, 10 of Shanghai 10 items were officially announced for the private practical items, including good news from information life: free upgrading 100M broadband for difficult families. China Mobile Shanghai Company (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Mobile") first responded, further promoting the popularization of high-quality networks, helping to achieve a beautiful picture of the whole city, and enjoy a beautiful picture of wisdom. The 200,000 users are free to upgrade 100M broadband data. At present, Shanghai Mobile Broadband Resources has covered 8 million households in the city, and Gigabit resources have also been fully covered, and home users are nearly 3 million.

Shanghai Mobile announced that since February 1, 2021, the family broadband users of the above-in-house households were allowed to speed up 100M, and the provision of 200,000 households were completed during the year, including 150,000 households in the first half of the year, accelerated advancement Broadband network speed promotion. Adhering to "Excellent + Network" "Excellent + Product" "Excellent + Service", Shanghai Mobile will promptly send service to the official channel through official channels, and users can apply directly to the push content.

At the same time, it will extensively relying widely on the Internet and other online channels, and free upgrading is available in a variety of channels such as large business outlets, 10086 hotlines.

Enriching App Makes a Smart Family Experience This "Free Upgrade Broadband" for Difficult Family Free Upgrade Broadband "The" Shanghai "Double Gigabit Broadband City" Acceleration Three-year Action Plan (2021-12023) "" Millions) The home network speed reserve action is consistent, according to the plan, by the end of 2021, Shanghai Broadband Net Speed ??will enter a 100-sum start. It is worth mentioning that Shanghai Mobile will also push 300M broadband products in the family and enterprise broadband market this year. Users can continue to upgrade, speed up to 200m, 300m or even 500m, 1000m, and help strokes Family Digital Foundation "and" City Digital Base ". In addition to bandwidth upgrade, Shanghai Mobile also continues to explore digital service models, starting from user needs, all-round improvement of online difficult families.

It is reported that Shanghai Mobile’s home broadband network optimizes a package of wifi, magic and HD Internet TV, intelligent fixed-line, wisdom security and other home artifacts, the whole family WiFi service aims to optimize the home wireless network and let WiFi signals overlap Each dead end, let home smart equipment can always "online", and are favored by household users. At the same time, combined with the epidemic without contact prevention and the demand for public home pension, wisdom, Shanghai Mobile also launched a smart doorbell business, with remote monitoring, abnormal alarm, visiting guest face identification, super storage and other functional hardcore guardian family safety. Under the double help of high-quality networks and diversified applications, Shanghai Mobile leads more and more Shanghai family enjoy the smoothness of smart life.

Shanghai Mobile has always used Gigabit 5G, Gigabency broadband, Gigabit WiFi, Gigabit Applications and Gigabit services to help Shanghai into the "full thousand megaby" era. In the future, Shanghai Mobile will continue to work on high-quality networks, continue to lead broadband quality upgrades, and continue to innovate service models in deep demand for users, highlighting the temperature of the industry, reflecting Shanghai speed, and comprehensively helps Shanghai smart city construction, in faster Speed, better service, better quality products benefit the general public. (Editor: Yan Yuan, Han Qing).