Pingguo City batch of 156 drought improvement water projects

Pingguo City Multi-Measures Promoted the Construction of "Dry Improvement", as of the end of November, the introduction of social capital and implementing the drought refueling project has been approved for 156 projects, the project is about 10,000 mu, "the drought improvement" works in the forefront of Baise City. Pingguo’s "dry improvement water" development potential area is about 80,000 mu. In order to improve the work efficiency, the city established a cultivated land rising and renovation project leadership team, as a director of the municipal party committee, mayor, and taking the establishment of the cultivation of cultivation, coordinating township, village, enterprises and business units. Quartet work.

At the same time, the establishment of a project implementation scope feasibility joint trial team, do a good job in professional technical support and quality supervision, providing relevant graphic data, and jointly initial review of the project site selection. The city implements the "Dry Request Water" project, each construction company is hung by a city leader and a municipal direct unit, and township corresponding to the project conference warhead department. In the implementation of the city, the city boldly innovate, through the market operation mode of government leading and social cooperability, introduced social cooperation to social cooperation for development and construction, management project; with the general contract form as project contracting unit Self-raised funds completed project construction, after the project completion acceptance, the bidding social capital investment unit is responsible for importing the industry, developing modern agriculture model, and solves the problem of post-management problems.

Strictly implement "dry improvement water" into and exit mechanisms, given township party committees and government adjustment rights in the jurisdiction, and the enterprises that have become impossible to improve their work.

Take measures and promoted the smooth development of Pingguo’s "dry improvement water" work, achieving land small pieces and large blocks, dry territory.

At present, the city has signed a rental agreement for about 10,000 mu, achieving approximately 716 mu of waterfield index transactions, and obtains a transaction income billion. (Reporter / Tang Guangsheng correspondent / Huang Bao Kang Intern / Fangjiang Ling) (Editor: Zhou Yule, Pang Guanhua) Share let more people see.