Young people struggle for the grand stage (微 言)

  A narrow Shenzhen River, let Hong Kong and Shenzhen north and south. The north bank of the river, the south bank of the Shenzhen SAR high-rise building is Hong Kong … Hong Kong’s "North Towne District Development Strategy", which is particularly excited.

  "The Development Strategy of North Metropolitan District" shows that the northern part covers an area of ??approximately 300 square kilometers, including the two local administrative districts in Yuen Long District and North District, covering the economic band and a smaller deep hinterland of the deep-port port of Western East. Here will build an international innovation technology center, create a unique view of "campaign, development and conservation coexistence", comparable to the international financial center as a marked area. After the completion of the entire section, it will be able to accommodate approximately 2.5 million people, providing 650,000 positions, including 150,000 creative industry related positions, which can be ignorant, Yiye, Yiyou. The North Dubei District has up to 7 cross-border land port, which has formed a spatial pattern of "double city three circles".

It can be foreseen that will enjoy the complementary, integrated development of the port, form a "super urban circle", not only to a large extent, the space layout of Hong Kong is, more expected to become the most urban construction and population growth in Hong Kong. Active area.

  "Northern Metropolitan Area is a long-term vision, can be said to be built for young generations." Hong Kong SAR Administrative Chief Expo, Ji Yue, said.

Every generation of youth has its own circumstances and opportunities, the creation of the north, brought infinite opportunities to Hong Kong young people. Only by integrating life into the national and national undertakings can finally achieve a career. Looking forward to the chance of the Hong Kong youth seizes the opportunity, struggle on this vast stage, shares the historical responsibility of national rejuvenation, and share the great glory of the prosperity of the motherland. (Editor: Zhao Xinyue, Bai Yu) Sharing let more people see.