65-year-old US Olympic champion announces that transgendering was once the ultimate masculine symbol_1

65-year-old US Olympic champion announces that transgendering was once the ultimate masculine symbol
According to US media reports on the 26th, Bruce Jenner, the former US Olympic decathlon (Editor’s Note: should be the decathlon in track and field) champion, announced the mutation recently.  In the 1970s, Bruce Jenner was an American Olympic champion and ultimate masculine symbol, winning the decathlon gold medal at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.Almost 40 years later, he announced to the world that he had felt like a woman since he was a child, and that he had been harassed by sexism during his growth.  In a two-hour interview broadcast on the evening of the 24th, ABC, Jenner said: I have been confused about gender identity since I was a child. I hate myself as a girl but trapped in a male body.  Diane Sawyer, who was interviewed by the host, asked him directly whether he was a woman.Jenner said: Yes, I am a woman in every way.  65-year-old Jenner’s outstanding gender identity and sexual orientation are different.He said: I am not gay.I am a heterosexual.I have been looking for a female partner and have children.  In front of the camera, he publicly revealed the long-awaited authenticity, symbolically untied the ponytail and long hair.  Jenner said: I have been preparing for this moment in my life, not only in the past few years when everyone regarded me as a joke.  Jenner was born on the outskirts of New York City in October 1949, breaking the world record at the Montreal Olympics and becoming an American sports hero.He was married three times, the last time he married Kris, the mother of reality TV show celebrity Kim Kardashian (Editor’s Note: Kardashian), and also appeared on the reality show of his familyin.They separated after 14 months and divorced in December last year, but Jenner also imitated the wedding ring.  The National Transgender Equality Center called Jenner’s public transgender the most profound act of courage.Jenner was also relieved to reveal the truth: I want to say goodbye to everyone’s feelings for me.I am not saying goodbye to myself because I have always been like this.