Use "bacteria" to use "two idle" to promote "three"

Choice, picking, blushing … October 20, in the morning, Zhang Xiangyun is busy, she wants to plant the seeds to the city to sell.

Recently, the fresh bamboo market is good, 1 kg can sell 120 yuan.

Zhang Xiangyun lived in the village of Guanwu Village, Qianxi City, from the end of 2020, her home has purchased the bacteria rod from the village’s red bamboo, and planted in their own idle bungalows.

"We bought bacteria rods from the processing plant, 18 yuan a basket, a basket can grow two to three times, one can last 2 to 1 catties.

"Zhang Xiangyun’s husband Xie Dale told reporters that the company promised that the company promised to recover bamboo in the price of 60 yuan per kilogram.

Sales have been guaranteed, and there are many free places in the family. The couple have to buy 100 baskets each time. "As long as you learn technology, bamboo is very good.

Xie Daxun said, plus his wife is diligent, she often takes the bamboo to sell the city and sells a batch of bamboo to bring about 10,000 yuan to his home.

In 2020, the Bay Village Party Organized a village collective cooperative, and jointly created Guizhou Green Red Tuzhu Development Co., Ltd. with returnees. At the same time, relying on the Poverty Alleviation Project of the East and Western, under the support of the Huadu District, Guangzhou, we will build a model of the bacteria and the Red Top bamboo planting base. And the organics of modern agriculture development is jointly to start, consolidate the povertygrams, and increase the income of the masses. "The processing plant can produce 3 million rosbess every year. In addition to selling all over the country, the processing plant can also provide the species required for planting bases. Employment, you need for two thirty workers in your busy, these workers’ months in 2000 yuan to 3,000 yuan.

Xie Daxun is a long-term worker of the processing plant, and can receive 3,000 yuan of salary every month. Before the machining factory was worked, he did zero in Dafang County, and the East Run West is unstable.

Nowadays, I can stabilize and work at home, and the wife’s planting bamboo is also income. He said with a happy: "The day is good.

"In addition to the bacteria finishing plant, the surrounding people can go to the bamboo planting base.

"The base covers an area of ??23 mu, and there are 70 greenhouses.

Li Jinyu told reporters that each greenhouse can plant 2000 rods, and the output value is around 10,000 yuan.

Base usually can accommodate 10 people to workers, 20 people need more than 20 people.

With industry support, the development of the village is more red. But a few people are not rich, everyone is good. 581 households in the village in Bay Village, 519 migrant workers, 970 people at home, and there are about 10,000 square meters in the village. How to discharge resources in the village? The party branch of the Bay Village will be in the "two free" of the idle house and the idle labor.

Red Tuzhu can not only plant in the greenhouse, but also plant in indoors.

Village collective cooperatives vigorously promoted the technology, providing bacteria rods and planting technology, and recycling bamboo.

The problem of solving the sales problem will solve the worries of the people. They can learn technology and increase their income. More and more people will use their own housing to plant red bamboo, like Zhang Xiangyun, add a fixed income of ordinary people every year. There are more and more.

"The effectiveness of resources, not only promotes the income of the people, but also promotes collaborative income, significantly enhances the ability of cooperatives to drive rich; promoting the collection of villages, and injection of new motivation into the village." Li Jinyu said that the bamboo in the village is successfully registered. "箐 selenia medal red bamboo is more enough. In the effective cohesion process of deprotowing the results of the resolution and rural revitalization, the industry is critical. Next, Bay Village will continue to develop a red-bamboo-rich edible bacteria industry and the proof, and promote long-term development of the industry through a long-term combination, driving the masses to continue to stabilize. (Our reporter Zhang Li Liu Jinglin Luoqin) Source: (Editor: Li Yongxin (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see the recommended reading.